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St. Albans Real-Time GPS Tracker Records Death

GPS monitoring systems are used in cities throughout the United States for a wide variety of reasons. Some people invest in GPS tracking technology to safeguard their vehicles from theft while others might use the location-based devices to make certain a teenage driver is not driving like a bat out of hell. Regardless of the application, GPS has been pretty influential in boosting safety and providing detailed reports that can be used for many unique applications. In the city of St. Albans in the state of Maine, game wardens were doing just that when they began using a GPS animal tracker to record the movements of a white-tailed deer that was also pregnant. Sadly, that doe being tracked via GPS was murdered and now St. Albans authorities are asking for help from the public to find the killer.

The doe that was equipped with a GPS animal tracker was part of a study being conducted by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to determine the severity Winter was having on white-tailed deer populations. The tracking unit was providing live updates on the activity of the doe when the GPS tracker sent out a mortality alert on the 9th of January, notifying biologists that the doe had been murdered by a douche bag hunter. Making the situation more unfortunate was that biologists who used the tracker to locate the deer discovered the doe was pregnant with twins which would have seen their first life late Spring.

The cause of death for the pregnant doe was from a single gunshot fired by a stupid ass hunter who couldn’t tell the difference between a male or a female deer. Not to mention, shooting a defenseless animal simply trying to enjoy life is probably the most pathetic thing a “man” could do. So clearly the murderer was a pathetic human being.

The murder occurred in a field in proximity to Corinna Road in the city of St. Albans in Maine.

A $1000 reward is now being offered by Maine Operation Game Thief (OGT) for any information that can help lead to the arrest of the murderer. Game wardens also asked anyone with potential information or those around the area in question on the 8th of January to contact dispatch at 207-624-7076.

And to the coward who killed the pregnant doe, know that you are pure scum.