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Earth_ImageLive tracking devices are great because they offer businesses a way to observe employee driving activity, police a safe avenue to conduct accurate surveillance missions and consumers a simple way to increase auto safety. Although live GPS monitoring systems can provide a wealth of useful information that can essentially help anyone, they do come with one stinking catch. The catch is that all live tracking solutions require a monthly service obligation. Looking to create the most cost-effective and affordable data plans the industry has to offer, Tracking System Direct has began working with companies in the telematics industry to give customers the best data plan rate for the SilverCloud tracker when it becomes available.

One of the oldest tricks cellular phone companies and GPS tracking providers will do is offer a a small discount on hardware or maybe even with the monthly service fees if a customer is willing to sign a contract ranging anywhere between 1-3 years. The costumer first thinks they are getting a deal, but in reality they are locking themselves into a legally binding agreement that can see them facing termination fees, discontinuation fees and other fees if at some point they choose to leave their service agreement. Not to mention, since smart phones and GPS tracking systems are constantly becoming more efficient, having a device for two years means your unit will be way behind the technology curve. Tracking System Direct plans to change all of that with the SilverCloud tracking devices.

The Tracking System Direct vision has always been to offer customers not only the best GPS tracking equipment, but the most affordable technology the industry has to offer. After having years of success with the GPS Tracking Key and Flashback GPS, Tracking System Direct has taken the challenge to break the pattern of only having live GPS monitoring technology that requires lengthy contracts. Tracking System Direct has taken the stance that monthly service fees are more suited for gym memberships rather than live tracking data plans, and this is why when the SilverCloud trackers make their debut, customers will have an opportunity to select from a couple different service plans.

Although the service data plans will not be revealed until the actual launch of the SilverCloud tracking devices, people can rest assured that at least two data plans will be available for customers to choose from. One data plan will meet the needs of people looking for an extensive tracking plan capable of updating at least every 10 seconds, while another plan will meet the demands of people looking for a more simple tracking plan (5 minute updating).

Tracking System Direct is anxiously awaiting the March launch of the new real-time tracking SilverCloud GPS, and will continue posting more information on the device when it becomes available.