Lohan Uses GPS Tracking Device


Lindsey Lohan’s Father Uses GPS Tracking System

Ex-Girlfriend Makes Vehicle Tracking Accusation

LohanErin Mueller and Michael Lohan dated for a fairly lengthy period of time until the relationship came to a volatile and harsh end. Sadly, most romantic relationships will not end in marriage, but rather catastrophe, and that is exactly what happened with Lohan and Mueller. Mueller, who has made numerous accusations about Lohan being part of the reason for his superstar daughter Lindsey Lohan’s public meltdowns, not only dumped the aging Lohan, but also filed a restraining order against her ex-lover. Although Mueller’s previous allegations have mostly fallen on deaf ears, appearing to be an attempt to gain publicity for herself, her newest accusation of Lohan using a GPS tracking system to spy on her has caused some people to ask, “What won’t a person do to catch the spotlight?”

The GPS vehicle tracking allegations first occurred after Mueller’s father allegedly discovered a GPS tracker attached to the undercarriage of his daughter’s vehicle when doing a routine oil inspection. The GPS tracking device, which had a magnetic mount for covert placement like the GPS Tracking Key, was believed to be placed on the vehicle by Lohan or someone close to him.

There was no evidence found linking the GPS tracking system to Michael Lohan.

When asked about the allegations that he placed a vehicle tracking system on the car of his ex-girlfriend, Lohan responded, “She is full of crap!”

Lohan has been involved in a relationship with a new woman for sometime and says he wants nothing to do with Mueller.

Tracking System Opinion

Is Mueller manifesting a fake story about a live GPS tracking system in an attempt to seek out fame?

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