Lost Dog Tips

Finding Your Lost Dog

From GPS Tracking To Reward Posters

One of the worst things that can happen to any family is losing a beloved pet, but everyday hundreds of dogs go missing for a variety of reasons. Whether it is because one of the kids left a side gate open, or an external factor such as fireworks spooked the family pooch, when a dog goes missing it can be challenging for any family. Although many dogs go missing every single day, many others are returned safely to their family homes within a short window of time if dog owners know what to do in the emergency situation. Tracking System Direct is a company that specializes in providing vehicle tracking and GPS tracking technologies to a wide range of consumers and businesses, and every once in awhile the company will receive phone calls from people about the possibility of a GPS tracker that will help determine the exact position of a dog if he or she ever becomes missing. Although equipping the family dog with a GPS tracking system is one proactive way of safeguarding your furry loved one in the event the dog becomes lost or stolen, there are many other ways people can increase the odds of having their dog returned home safely that are much less high-tech.

Time is of the essence when a family pet goes missing, and that is why it is important to move quickly the moment you realize your dog is lost. Posters and flyers are key to letting your local community and neighbors know that your pet is missing, and that is why experts say it is essential to put posters in locations such as dogs parks, retail centers, major streets, community mail boxes, local club houses and definitely in the areas were you believe the dog became lost. However, a detailed sign is also very critical to the recovery process, and that is why dog owners should use simple signs that are clear to read and understand. Big letters that state “LOST DOG”, stating a reward for the lost animal and colored text or backgrounds can all help make a sign as effective as possible.

Making signs nice and big can also help because it will allow motorists driving by to see the sign clearly. Also, include a picture of the dog if possible.

Making signs is a must, but sometimes dogs can wander off further than most people imagine, and that is why dog owners need to make certain they use the power of online communication to help them locate their missing pet as well. Posting “Lost Dog” ads on Craigslist and local newspaper websites is an easy and free way for dog owners to get the word out that their dog has gone missing. Social media is also a good way to spread the word with help from sites like Facebook. and are other great resources that people should look into.

Dog owners should also notify emergency animal clinics, animal shelters and animal control facilities within 50 miles so they can note if anyone brings in a dog matching the description. Filing a lost dog report at a local animal shelter is a must, but dog owners should contact the shelter about every 3 days to follow up because most animal shelters are under-staffed and over-worked.

For more helpful tips on what to do if your dog becomes lost please watch the above video clip and/or visit PetFinder for more information.

***Helpful Reminders***

1) Always make certain your dog has a collar with the most current information that includes address and contact number.

2) Microchips are also a great way to make certain the dog can be returned home safely if he or she continually chews on their collar.

3) Don’t Support Puppy Mills! Adopt A Dog From A Local Shelter Because There Are Too Many Good Dogs Without Homes!


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