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A Purpose-Filled Life

lovassIt is very rare a single human being can leave such an impact on humanity in a positive way, but that is exactly what UCLA doctor Ivar Lovaas did. A man who dedicated almost his entire professional life to helping children suffering with autism, Lovaas brought a psychological teaching approach known as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to the forefront of the psychological and teaching community, a teaching approach that is still used in therapy rooms, clinics and schools everyday to improve the cognitive patterns of autistic children. Lovaas was an enthusiastic man who spent almost all of his time unlocking the many mysteries surrounding the cognitive/developmental disorder of autism, and his teaching methods later became widely recognized as the “best” way to improve the learning and understanding of children suffering from the problem.

With sadness and regret, all of the folks working at our GPS tracking system company would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to all of the good people working at the Lovass Institute in southern California and all of Lovaas’ family and friends. He was a true pioneer whose work has single handedly improved the life of so many children all across the world. Mr. Lovaas’ teaching strategies will continue to impact children with autism in a positive way for many years to come, and his research and work will never be forgotten.

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