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GPS_Tracking_Key_PackagingTemecula, CA-Southern California-based Tracking System Direct has permanently lowered the pricing on all GPS data logging systems for those shopping on the companies’ e-commerce website.

Providing quality surveillance and vehicle management devices to a global marketplace for over five years, Tracking System Direct has shifted marketing strategy to focus more on real-time fleet tracking systems. What this transition means for consumers, businesses and law enforcement agencies is that the cost of GPS data logging systems (also known as passive systems) will be reduced by a minimum of 25% per device permanently. Online shoppers can see the price reduction online when it becomes visible on the Tracking System Direct e-commerce site at 12:01 a.m. on 02-15-12.

“With the demand among consumers and businesses shifting more toward vehicle management solutions that offer locational data and driving information in real-time, we felt that it was prudent to place more marketing emphasis on our most popular live GPS monitoring solution: SilverCloud”, explained Tracking System Direct President of Operations, Ryan Horban. “This marketing shift ends up resulting in greater cost-savings for those companies and individuals who do not need a GPS monitoring solution that operates in real-time.”

The manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing changes will affect the GPS Tracking Key, from $199.00 to $149.00 per unit, and GPS Tracking Key Pro, from $269.00 to $199.00 per unit.

Anyone with questions about the pricing change can contact a vehicle management expert 7 days a week at Tracking System Direct.