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Man Commits Crimes While Wearing GPS

Norton Police

GPS Device Documents Crime Spree By Criminal

GPS bracelets or anklets are routinely used by police authorities to monitor people who are considered high-risk potential repeat offenders such as those convicted of domestic violence or those who received a restraining order. While equipped with a GPS tracking system, police can monitor with detail every move a person makes. Knowing this, almost every individual under GPS monitoring tends to maintain their best possible behavior so they don’t find themselves with a one-way ticket back to jail. Unfortunately, this was not the case with James Kilmore who must not have believed in the accuracy of the GPS monitoring system he was wearing and why he continued to commit crimes while being tracked with GPS.

Norton Police were aware that a person was breaking into businesses all throughout the area, using a crowbar to get himself into the buildings to steal cash and other goods. After reviewing a list of possible suspects they were able to quickly determine with the help of GPS that Kilmore was at the scene where many of the crimes had taken place. The personal tracking GPS on his ankle provided enough evidence for police to make an arrest.

Speaking about the thefts, a police lieutenant from Akron explained that the level of intelligence of a person who was committing crimes while under police observation via GPS monitoring must be extremely low.  The authorities stated that it wasn’t just one or two crimes Kilmore committed but rather approximately 20 crimes throughout cities in Ohio. Police were able to connect Kilmore to the crimes by accessing the tracking data from his GPS monitoring anklet and then sync it up with video recordings captured at some of the crime scenes. The combination of GPS monitoring and video evidence will be more than enough to put Kilmore behind bars.

One of the businesses Kilmore broke into and robbed was a tanning salon, which had been equipped with video recording equipment. The manager for the tanning salon, Michele Considine, noticed the tracker device on the ankle of the robber when she reviewed the video recordings. Her only thoughts after finding out of Kilmore’s arrest was disbelief that a person could be so amazingly stupid to commit a crime while wearing a real time GPS monitoring system.

Kilmore has a long wrap sheet, spending time in jail on multiple occasions for breaking and entering. This is part of the reason he was court-ordered to wear the tracker system on his ankle. The GPS was designed to be a deterrent to potential criminal behavior. Unfortunately, not even the most precise real-time tracking GPS could stop Kilmore from his criminal ways.