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Teens are known for having a reputation of being mistake-prone. This is simply part of the maturation process that involves riding a learning curve through a world filled with additional responsibilities and stresses. Although mistakes can present excellent learning opportunities for growth, driving mistakes can have lethal consequences for teen drivers and other motorists sharing the roadways. In an effort to improve road safety, should lawmakers require newly licensed teens to undergo mandatory GPS car tracking if the teen driver receives a traffic citation or violation?

Teenage Driving & The Truth

What we know about teenage driving and is that motor vehicle accidents top the list of premature causes of death among young people. This means that parents, educators and mentors should be equally as concerned if not more concerned about safe driving habits than teen alcohol consumption and other risk-taking behaviors associated with teens. “Parents must understand that the most dangerous thing their teen could be doing is excessively speeding or operating a vehicle while being distracted”, said a fleet management specialist for Tracking System Direct. “When a teen carelessly or recklessly operates a motor vehicle they significantly increase the likelihood of becoming involved in a traffic accident or collision. This is the primary reason why so many smart parents are choosing to use vehicle tracking technology for teen tracking applications.”

GPS tracking systems clearly have the ability to help parents identify if a teen is driving responsibly or stupidly. However, at this time it is at the parents discretion whether or not they choose to place a personal tracking system upon their teen’s vehicle for monitoring purposes. Although a large portion of teenage drivers do drive responsibly, many others constantly receive driving citations for a number of reasons such as speeding. Since many newly licensed teens shape their driving behaviors very early on, parents and lawmakers need to intervene the moment a teen driver appears to be establishing poor driving habits. By requiring a teen to equip a GPS system such as the SilverCloud tracker or GPS Tracking Key to their car if they receive a traffic citation, parents can easily discover if their teen is making healthy and safe driving choices. The GPS data could also be used by the Department of Motor Vehicles to determine if a teen is continuing to drive irresponsible. If the GPS data establishes a consistent pattern of excessive speeding, the DMV could then have grounds to revoke a teen’s driving privileges, forcing them to return to driver’s education courses.

The same protocol could also be applied to adult drivers who have a track record of driving too fast.

GPS Solutions & Opinions

Do you think that the issue of teenage driving is currently being addressed in the best way possible at schools and homes?

By requiring a teen who has received a traffic citation to put a GPS tracking system on their car, could that help reduce teen motor vehicle accidents?

Is the use of GPS becoming over-used and too “big brother”?