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Massachusetts Officer Busted By GPS Tracker

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Massachusetts Police GPS Tracker

Tracking Device Shows Cop Had Car Idling Over 40 Hours

When police in Massachusetts suspected one of their own was abusing taxpayer money by slacking on the job they decided to use GPS tracking technology to confirm suspicions. Internal affairs had long heard the rumors that officer Ronald Goulet was not meeting his job requirements while on work time, but instead was wasting time. Looking to get to the bottom of the story, internal affairs used a wireless GPS tracking device to uncover the truth and what they discovered was shocking

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Massachusetts Police Department Investigation

The investigation showed that Goulet was indeed not working while he was on the clock. During the investigation, there was a 2-week span where Goulet’s police cruiser was documented as being idle for over 40 hours. It was during this time Goulet was supposed to be on patrol duty. The data from the vehicle tracking device showed that for every 8 hours Goulet was on the clock 5 hours were spent with his car idle.

Police Chief William Mulligan placed Goulet on administrative leave, but the guilty officer chose to resign shortly after regardless. Muligan said that after he received the complaints about Goulet he felt that police owed it to the citizens to probe deeper into the situation, and using a GPS tracking system was the easiest and cheapest way to conduct the investigation into Goulet’s activities.

The GPS monitoring system was put on Goulet’s cruiser by an audio alarm installer in Lawrence. In fact, more law enforcement agencies are calling upon police GPS trackers for both internal investigations as well as surveillance operations.

Many GPS data logging and real-time trackers are designed with magnetic mounts so professional installation is not required.