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Medical GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Seniors For Safety

GPS monitoring technology is around us every day. It assists businesses in locating work vehicles, helps travelers get from one place to another accurately, and can even help those looking to shed a few pounds reach their fitness goals. The dual technologies of cellular and satellite have truly made the world smaller, but what is even more incredible is that GPS monitoring is also providing significant benefits to seniors and those worried about senior safety.

Personal Safety Tips For The Elderly

Senior safety is a growing concern for millions of Americans and their families, and with a post-World War 2 baby boomer generation moving into their golden years those numbers are continuing to rise every year. The most common worry for families is in regards to senior loved ones with diminishing cognitive capabilities. Specifically, those suffering from degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. What these seniors face is a number of challenges from something as simple as forgetting where the house keys are located too much bigger issues such as wandering. In fact, everyday news stories from across the country highlight the dangers of wandering seniors. Unfortunately, these stories tend not to have happy endings because when a senior wanders away from an area they are familiar with they can put themselves in harm’s way. This is the reason why doctors, health care facilities, and modern families are calling upon GPS tracking systems to provide additional senior safety.

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Personal GPS Tracker For Alzheimer’s

The basic concept of a personal GPS tracking device for Alzheimer’s is to provide a solution for locating a person in order to maintain their safety. Common GPS monitoring applications people might be more familiar with are those related to tracking children or helping parents oversee teen driving. However, the use of GPS tracking systems to monitor the activity of elderly persons is not only growing but proving to be life-saving. Elderly GPS tracking works in a simple three-step process:

  1. Senior wears a medical watch with GPS monitoring
  2.  Medical GPS watch sends out live locational data to the server for remote access
  3. Families, caregivers, police, or doctors can access real-time GPS data to locate any potentially senior who is wandering

“There is nothing more frightening than when a senior loved one wanders out at night, police are called and hours pass by as a family anxiously awaits to be notified if that senior is safe”, explained a GPS monitoring specialist for a Southern California security product company. “Medical GPS watches for seniors are really proving to be extremely valuable in those types of situations because not only can family members access the location of a senior at any time they please but they can also create safety zones to be alerted the moment an elderly person with cognitive challenges wanders off”.

How Much Does Medical Alert GPS Watches Cost?

Medical GPS watches require special programming, engineering, service for data, locking mechanisms and more. Basically, the products are pretty sophisticated so that means the cost of a GPS medical watch is not cheap! Shoppers can expect to pay around $699 for the hardware and a full year of real-time monitoring service for a good medical GPS watch. However, there are other solutions available such as personal trackers that can be kept in the pocket and paid on a month-to-month basis for live tracking service. But these devices are only portable and cannot be fastened around the wrist like a Medical GPS watch.

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Senior Security Products Waterproof

Personal tracking applications have expanded in growth over the past five years as families seek a technologically advanced method to safeguard children with special needs and/or parents showing symptoms of memory illness. With the price of personal GPS systems continuing to fall and monthly data plan options becoming more flexible, investment in sophisticated location-based GPS bracelets is now an option for consumers working on a tight family budget. Throw in the fact that the online platform and system features are continually evolving to be more user-friendly for the consumer, and the end result is a piece of technology that essentially anyone can operate. Although GPS bracelets engineered for personal monitoring have the ability to identify where any person is located in real-time, some users damage their devices by not understanding the water-resistant abilities of that device.

Understanding Water-Resistance

The simplest way to think of a product or GPS tracking system that is classified as water-resistant is that the product or GPS unit can continue to function properly when in contact with light splashing or misting of water. Basically, the very minimal amount of exposure to water does not damage the item. However, it is very important to recognize that water-resistant is not waterproof and that heavy exposure to water or moisture can impact the tracker. This is why GPS data loggers such as GPS Tracking Key should be placed in something as simple and crude as a plastic ziplock bag if the user plans on attaching the tracking unit underneath a target vehicle.

Senior GPS Bracelet Water-Resistance

Like the passive line of GPS systems, the personal GPS monitoring bracelet offered through Tracking System Direct only offers water-resistant capabilities. The device is absolutely not waterproof. This is very important to note, especially if the GPS bracelet will be worn by a senior citizen throughout the day. This is because a family member or caregiver will need to make certain that the GPS bracelet is removed before the elderly person suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia gets into the shower. The reason for this is that the constant exposure to moisture from the shower can potentially result in significant damage to the device. Damage that is not covered under the one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, the senior GPS bracelet will need to be removed prior to the person entering the shower, or some form of protection will need to be created in order to waterproof the personal tracker.

GPS bracelets are amazing tools that can enhance the personal safety of loved ones. However, like many forms of technological products, real-time GPS trackers have some limitations. One of those limitations is the bracelet not being waterproof. But if a person takes the necessary precautions ahead of time, they will find that GPS bracelets are valuable GPS tracking systems that can stand the test of time, offering live locational information that might end up saving someone’s life.