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Senior GPS Tracker Insurance Coverage

One of the fastest-growing applications related to GPS tracking is senior safety. More and more families are trying to avoid sending their elderly loved ones to senior health care facilities and instead keep those family members at home. The only problem is that many seniors struggle with wandering, especially those with early-onset dementia or some other form of cognitive challenge. That creates a very serious personal safety situation that can lead to tragic consequences if not handled properly. This is the reason so many concerned family members are investing in senior GPS tracking bracelets or watches to help them monitor their senior loved ones. The only problem is that these GPS personal tracking devices can be costly. Therefore, the first thing these family members do is try to get the cost of the senior GPS systems covered through medical insurance.

Medical Insurance Coverage For Senior GPS Systems

The first step that those who investigate real-time GPS tracking devices discover is that any GPS device that provides live locational data requires a monthly or annual cost. That means the customer must keep a credit card on file for monthly or annual billing to keep the senior GPS system active and functioning properly. Medical insurance companies at this time rarely if ever provide this type of service, so the best hope a person seeking to invest in a senior GPS tracking system is for reimbursement.

Medical insurance providers have been known to reimburse their clients for certain expenses at times depending on the coverage plan in place. Therefore, the very first thing a person who wants to get medical insurance coverage or reimbursement for a GPS should do is speak with both their doctor and healthcare insurance provider. Naturally, each circumstance and insurance policy is different. This can’t be overstated so please do not take this article as the absolute answer to the medical insurance question. The only party that can tell a person if they qualify for any type of reimbursement for the cost of a GPS tracking system or if their insurance coverage will cover the product cost is the insurance company themselves. This includes insurance providers such as Medicare, Medicaid, or private medical insurers.

“Our sales staff receives hundreds of customer inquiries about our senior GPS tracking systems every single day and one of the first questions that those inquiring customers ask is whether or not their medical insurance will cover or reimburse them for the costs of senior GPS devices”, explained Vice President of Sales for online retailer Tracking System Direct. “As much as our trained staff would love to be able to provide these customers accurate information they really are only qualified to provide product support. We understand that this might be frustrating but the best party to ask about medical insurance coverage of senior GPS systems is that insurance provider themselves.”

The costs associated with Senior GPS devices really should be covered by insurance companies and hopefully in the near future that will be the standard practice across all insurance agencies and providers. Until those modifications are made across the health care system the only choice is for senior citizens and their families to discuss in detail what options are available to them through their insurance plans. Senior safety is obviously a very serious issue for many all across the world and with elderly tracking technologies available it seems as though finding an avenue to cover those costs should be a priority.