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Put The Freaking Cell Phone Away!

GPS tracking distributor Tracking System Directunderstands all too well the importance of fuel efficiency, vehicle management, and safe driving, but every single day motorists continue to make poor driving choices that can negatively impact all three.

“As a business, we understand the need for company drivers to be efficient from a productivity standpoint, and intelligent while operating company assets from a liability standpoint”, said a fleet management specialist for southern California based GPS company. “However, there is nothing more concerning to us than the importance of safe driving from both the teen and elderly communities. We receive phone calls every day from consumers in need of a GPS tracking unit to monitor either the driving activity of an elderly motorist (elderly GPS tracker) or a young teenage motorist (teen GPS tracking). Although it is vital to oversee and look out for dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding, talking on the cell phone while driving has become equally a serious problem that all drivers should be concerned with. This is why we strongly encourage our customers to compare GPS records to cell phone records to identify whether a person is using their cell phone while driving a motor vehicle.” Distracted driving is now such a genuine social issue that the Department of Transportation Secretary, Ryan Lahood, has become involved in a national campaign to bring awareness of the epidemic of talking on the cell phone while driving.

Although there are a number of variables or reasons why people engage in distracted driving behaviors (E.G. stressful occupations, busy lifestyles or the presence of vehicle passengers), people need to be aware that visual, manual and cognitive distractions can have lethal consequences. Using a mobile communication device while driving is one the easiest ways for a motorist to become distracted from road conditions, as many drivers using a cell phone will take their eyes off the road in front of them, hands away from the steering wheel and mind off the most important task they are involved with, driving. With so many innocent motorists losing their lives to car accidents from distracted drivers talking on their cell phones, the Department of Transportation has chosen to aggressively promote the importance of all drivers paying attention while driving a vehicle.

In an effort to promote safe driving in various communities, many states have established legislation outlawing the use of mobile communication devices while a person is driving, but sadly there is still no federal legislation on the issue. Tracking System Direct asks that all parents speak with their teens about not using a cell phone while driving, and friends tell friends that a phone call can wait.