Mexican Police Chopped Up


Gruesome Violence Against Police In Mexico

Officers Dismembered And Put Into Bags

cartelThe search for two Mexican police officers ended with tragedy when their bodies were found in the state of Guerrero by authorities earlier this week. The bodies of the officers were severely dismembered, placed in black trash bags and left at police headquarters in the capital city of Chilpancingo. The bodies had yellow note cards on them, but police are refusing to announce what was written on the note cards to the public at this time.

Many people in the region have stated that the murderers were likely members of a nearby drug cartel because the drug lords have a reputation of leaving notes on their victims in an attempt to intimidate police.

Drug cartels have rarely been intimidated or concerned with the actions of local, state and federal law enforcement. The drug cartels have established and armed militia troops, endless supplies of cash and a lack of fear of the authorities. They routinely create their own laws by bribing political figures, and terrorize communities and people throughout the country of Mexico. The drug cartels have been connected to civilian murders, assassinations and publicize their crimes to strike fear into everyone.

The drug cartels have become increasingly more violent since 2006 when the President began putting up legislation to weaken drug cartels, imprison drug traffickers and make the country a more safe place.

There has been no announcement whether or not Mexican law enforcement agents will use the same surveillance tools U.S. drug task force agents use to battle drug distribution networks, such as GPS tracking system devices like the GPS Tracking Key, Flashback GPS and SilverCloud tracking system.

Source: AZ Central