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GPS Tracking Devices For Cars In India

Police GPS Tracker India

GPS Tracking technology is nothing new to most progressive police departments. The GPS tracking systems are used from anything ranging from the internal investigation to recording movements by possible criminal elements. However, the Bangalore Police Department in India was only concerned about the interior conduct, believing that many police officers were missing duty and filing falsified timesheets. Wanting to eliminate any careless spending, Bangalore chose to invest in approximately 800 micro GPS trackers, from standard vehicle tracking devices to communication devices with GPS tracking features.


India Police Discuss GPS Tracker As Modernization

Police commissioner Shankar Bidari explained to the local press that the police GPS tracking system initiative was part of a broader project to begin modernizing the police force. The GPS vehicle trackers place the police department in a favorable position of strength because they can easily locate any vehicle in the field, which will help them quickly assess the safety of the city. Not to mention, the GPS trackers for police cars also allow the police department to audit the locations and travels of their own personnel. Wayward movement and behavior by officers have been a common problem for the Bangalore police. The police hope to have the micro GPS tracking devices operational very soon.

Police departments around the globe have established vehicle trackers and other GPS systems as one of the most productive tools in law enforcement.

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India Law Enforcement GPS Tracking

The real time GPS trackers used by India law enforcement are similar to the SpaceHawk GPS. “Police agencies across the globe need a tracker that has the capabilities of meeting the tough demands of surveillance, while also providing detailed driving reporters of officers working in the field”, explained a GPS tracking expert. “The live vehicle tracking technology of SpaceHawk GPS redefines what a sophisticated satellite monitoring device is, offering both a user-friendly experience and the most accurate location-based data that police departments everywhere can benefit from. SpaceHawk is the practical solution for police wanting to reduce fuel consumption, boost law enforcement safety, enhance productivity, and access the unknown driving behaviors in squad cars.”

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