Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500)


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When it comes to portability and a covert mini design, the Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500) leads the self-defense market. Perfect for someone on the go who is interested in boosting personal security, the Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500) can be stashed in a coat pocket, backpack or purse with ease. Designed with a built-in LED light, cap for easy concealment and miniature size, the Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500) will provide anyone with an extra level of personal security.

Please be aware that the Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500) is only available in the color red at this point in time.

Why The Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500) Is For You

The Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500) is a different type of security product, offering anyone interested in ensuring personal safety a portable self-defense solution. The Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500) will send a sharp electrical charge of 1000KV to any attacker(s) or people who dare to try to harm you. Whether you use the Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500) to light up a dark area, or keep it in your purse or coat pocket “just in case”, the device will certainly offer you an additional level personal security.

Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500) Specifications & Technical Information:

System Dimensions: 3.80” Tall With Cap On (3.50” With Cap Removed) 1.00” Diameter

Voltage Output: 1000KV

Power Source/Supply: Internal Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (8 Hours For Full Battery Recharge)

Product Includes:

  • Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500)
  • Mini Light Stun Gun (SG-1500) Users Manual & Instruction Guide
  • Power Cord/Cable