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Mini Military Drones

What Is The Smallest Military Drone?

Micro Air Vehicles Showcase New Era In Military Intelligence

Terrorists and global criminals will soon no longer be able to hide from the U.S. Air Force, and sophisticated micro air vehicles will be the reason why. Crossing international borders or dangerous regions controlled by drug cartels to gather intelligence used to be certain suicide, but through the use of mini military drones, the military is able to conduct extensive surveillance and intelligence gathering missions without placing uniformed troops in harm’s way. Although the use of drones for intelligence gathering and small attacks has been conducted frequently in combat operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq, the latest innovations in drone technology being created at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are showing the next level of drones will be nearly impossible to detect by enemy forces.

The United States government has always been on the cutting edge of innovative and ground-breaking technology. They were the ones responsible for the Global Positioning System (GPS) network that introduced GPS tracker technology to both military and civilian users, and a wide assortment of both powerful and stealth defense systems. However, the latest development of miniature spy craft security products that resemble birds and insects is something that is truly amazing and impressive. What makes these micro-air vehicles so special is that first they were engineered to blend in flawlessly with the natural environment, appearing to look exactly like an ordinary insect or bird native to those local in the target region. The sophisticated drone devices can even sit stationed on telephone wires like normal birds, gathering audio and video surveillance and intelligence. This would allow the drones to discover, monitor, and target enemy suspects in both complex urban regions and remote areas that are difficult to access by soldiers.

Researchers at the University of Berkeley conducting experiments with drone beetles were able to create drone aircraft as small as 2cm long to as large as 20cm long, showing that this type of sophisticated drone craft will likely only become more undetectable moving forward into the future.

“We are very fortunate to have a military in this country that continues to invest in tools that improve our nation’s defense, keeping us safe from terrorists and other threats”, explained a vehicle tracking specialist for Tracking System Direct. “The hard work and dedication by our Armed Forces have provided numerous comforts that many of us take for granted on a daily basis, such as the turn-by-turn directions we receive from GPS navigation systems or the personal tracking systems that allow us to observe anything from teen driving activity to business operations.”

Source: Daily UK