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Terms Of Service

Tracking System Direct and its online store assume no liability associated with the usage of any products purchased.

  • If the product(s) or service(s) are ordered and are found to be out of stock for any reason, a refund or credit will be issued if funds were acquired.
  • Prices can be subject to change.
  • The purchaser signifies agreement to all Terms of Sale and conditions when completing and submitting an order.
  • The purchaser holds complete liability and responsibility for any damages, losses, or any type of expenses associated with the misuse or use of any products purchased on the Tracking System Direct website.

Terms and Conditions: Activation and Monthly Data Plan for GPS Devices

  • Activation Prior to Shipment: Tracking System Direct (“the Company”) will only ship out GPS devices that are active. Activation is a mandatory step prior to the dispatch of any GPS product from our facility.
  • Customer Authorization for Activation: The Company requires explicit authorization from the customer to activate the GPS unit. Such authorization must be provided through a phone call to our customer service. Please note that the mere placement of an order for the tracker does not automatically entail or authorize the billing of the associated data plan.
  • Billing of Data Plans: All monthly data plans associated with our real-time GPS devices are billed on the first of every month. The customer is responsible for ensuring timely payment to maintain uninterrupted service.
  • No Service Contracts: Our data plans operate on a month-to-month basis. Customers are not bound by any long-term service contracts. The flexibility of this system allows customers to avail of our services based on their current needs without any extended commitment.

Cancellation of Service:

  • Customers wishing to cancel their data plan service must provide the Company with a written notice of such intention via email. The notice must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the desired cancellation date.
  • Upon receipt of the cancellation request, the Company will send a confirmation email to the customer, acknowledging the receipt of the notice and the processing of the cancellation.
  • If a customer does not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of sending the cancellation notice, they are advised to call our customer service for assistance. Failure to do so may result in continued billing until the cancellation process is complete.

Confirmation of Cancellation: It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they receive a confirmation of their cancellation request. If the confirmation is not received, the onus is on the customer to inform the Company and ensure the request is processed appropriately.

By purchasing a GPS device and associated data plan from Tracking System Direct, customers acknowledge they have read, understood, and agree to adhere to the above terms and conditions.

Legal Status & Liability

The purchaser of the product has the sole responsibility to confirm and comply with any and all applicable federal, state, and/or local laws regarding the use of GPS tracking devices. It is essential for the purchaser to be aware that GPS tracking laws may vary from state to state, and it is their obligation to educate themselves on the specific laws applicable to their jurisdiction before purchasing any product from Tracking System Direct. We strongly recommend that purchasers consult with an attorney to ensure full compliance with all relevant laws prior to making a purchase.

Under no circumstances shall Tracking System Direct ( be held liable for any indirect, direct, special, consequential, or incidental damages arising from the inability to use, misuse, or use the product(s) or service(s) that are purchased from Tracking System Direct or The purchaser acknowledges and agrees that they assume all risks and responsibilities associated with the use of the products or services provided by Tracking System Direct.

By submitting an order, the purchaser represents and warrants that they will use the product acquired from Tracking System Direct in a responsible, lawful, and ethical manner. The purchaser further affirms that they will not engage in any activities that violate applicable laws or infringe upon the rights of individuals. Tracking System Direct disclaims any liability for the misuse or illegal use of its products and emphasizes that it does not condone or endorse any activities that are illegal or unethical.

It is essential for customers to understand that Tracking System Direct is a provider of GPS tracking devices and related services. While we strive to offer reliable and accurate products, it is ultimately the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure their compliance with the law and the ethical use of the products. Tracking System Direct explicitly disclaims any liability for the actions or behaviors of its customers and the use of its products outside the bounds of applicable laws.

Please note that this statement does not constitute legal advice, and it is strongly advised that purchasers seek legal counsel to understand and comply with the specific legal requirements applicable to their circumstances.

Products & Services

Certain products or Services on may be available online or in other retail stores and subject todifferent pricing, branding, and product naming. For example, SpaceHawk is a white-label brand of the GPS 54 manufactured by LandAirSea Systems Inc.

Credit Card Disputes

If a dispute is filed for any transaction, the cardholder or purchaser who submitted the order will be held liable for, but not be restricted or limited to any and all associated fees, and civil, legal, and administrative costs required to resolve the dispute. Collections will be sought by alternative means if an order placed via credit card is disputed and then overturned by the issuing creditor. Any and all such additional costs will be added to the settlement amount and will be the responsibility of the individual who submitted the order (purchaser), or the cardholder to pay. Any form of legal action may result in a judgment that may negatively affect the cardholder’s credit score and/or rating.

Tracking System Direct (, or any associated partners, will not be liable for any type fees or costs associated with a disputed transaction.

Testimonials & Reviews

Video testimonials and reviews featured on the website are used to share real customer experiences with our products. We do not offer any form of compensation for online reviews. Video testimonials featured on the website are performed by actors sharing real customer reviews or comments shared with representatives. The content of each review is:

  • Made by a real customer or user of the product
  • Based on a real user’s experience
  • An accurate description of how the product was used for that customer

A GPS tracking representative will always be available to answer any consumer questions 7 days a week at 877-809-8544. Tracking system product or company policy questions can also be sent to All questions emailed will be read and answered within 24 hours. That is the Tracking System Direct customer service promise.

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