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Miss Teen USA Web Cam Hijacker Arrested

GPS To Monitor Man Who Harassed Miss Teen USA

With the increase of technological tools and sharing of information, hackers everywhere have had an easier time accessing the private and personal information of people. Whether it be through social networking channels such as Facebook, personal webcams, or private chat rooms, hackers can strike anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, for a scumbag by the name of Jared Abrahams, the Federal Bureau of Investigation takes hacking and extortion very seriously, as the Temecula man found out when authorities raided his house and arrested him for hacking and extortion criminal acts.

Abrahams became the focus of an investigation that had become publicized after Cassidy Wolf, also known as Miss Teen USA, reported to authorities that her webcam and other personal and private data were stolen by the hacker. However, the theft of personal data was only the start of the problem because soon after the 19-year-old creep began telling Miss Teen USA along with other women whose computers he hacked that he would leak nude images and other potentially reputation-damaging information if the women did not send him additional nude images, engage in video chats and other basically lonely guys creepy non-sense. Women from places all over the world including Russia, Canada, and Ireland were victimized by the webcam hacker.

Abrahams had a pretty simple racket that involved cyber hacking into the webcams of unsuspecting women, blackmailing the women to send him more nude images, and then posting the images online if the girls refused. He would harass the girls so harshly that Miss Teen USA even became emotional when discussing the investigation while conducting an interview on the Today show. Miss Teen USA even had her Twitter image changed by the hacker and showed her multiple nude images he captured of the young pageant winner that he stole using her webcam.

Authorities investigating the matter went on to state that nearly ten women were targeted by Abrahams with one of the victims being as young as 17.

When law enforcement arrested Abrahams and began interviewing him the hacker opened up and took the blame for his crimes. At Abrahams’ residence, the authorities discovered numerous forms of computer malware, hacking software, cellular communication devices, and other technological systems used for cyber hacking. Agents also were able to verify that Abrahams used a popular forum shared by hackers that essentially was used to brag about the type of hacking techniques he called upon to access the webcam of Miss Teen USA.

Abrahams is currently being held on bail and if he somehow posts the $50,000 bail amount he would be required to wear a GPS tracking system to monitor his every move. He would also not be allowed to use any computer devices unless it was for word described by the judge as “academic”.


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