Missing Woman Mystery


GPS Tracking System In Rental Car

Man Drives Hundreds Of Miles After His Wife Disappears

Police are trying to piece together the historical driving records of a Utah man who drove a rental car several hundred miles only days after his wife was reported missing to authorities. Joshua Powell, the husband of the missing woman, rented a car in the wake of the disappearance of his wife because authorities seized his mini-van to search the vehicle for potential evidence as he was considered by authorities to be a person of interest in the investigation. Finding Powell’s multi-mile driving adventure odd behavior for a man who just discovered his wife was missing, police are now trying to reconstruct his journey hoping that it might lead to the whereabouts of one missing Susan Powell.

GPS Tracking System

What makes the reconstruction of Powell’s travel history difficult is that the rental car he used was not equipped with a GPS tracking device. GPS tracking systems have been utilized by a variety of businesses with mobile resources, such as rental car companies, in an effort to stay better connected to their company assets. If the rental car had been equipped with a live GPS tracking system, discovering all the places Powell drove and visited during his journey would have only taken seconds. Now law enforcement authorities are trying to put together a puzzle with many missing pieces.

The 28-year-old missing woman was last reported by her husband who said his wife took their two children, boys aged 2 and 4, on a camping trip. It was reported that weather conditions were below freezing that day.

Gathering evidence has been extremely difficult for the West Valley City Police with a lack of quality leads. The number one priority for the investigating law enforcement agents is to uncover where Powell drove the rental car shortly after his wife mysteriously vanished.

Source: Fox News