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Mobile Advertisers Use GPS Tracking

Billboards On Wheels Are Benefiting From GPS Tracking

Anyone who has ever taken a trip to Las Vegas has probably seen mobile advertisers traveling up, down, and throughout the strip. These billboards on wheels are usually promoting local events, shows, or strip clubs in the hope to draw in more tourists. With so many people walking up and down the Vegas strip it is easy to see why this has actually turned out to be an effective form of marketing. Show your product or brand to a large audience, and a correlative increase in demand should occur (in theory). Although the task of driving all around Las Vegas seems like an easy one, the mobile marketing business does present some challenges. However, through the use of GPS tracking systems designed specifically for fleet management, mobile marketers are gaining an edge over the competition while overseeing all activity of drivers.

There really are only three primary challenges that mobile advertisers are faced with when thinking about fleet tracking and the business efficiency of drivers. These primary challenges include being able to add and organize mileage driven by company employees,  make certain that those employees that are operating mobile advertising vehicles are actually working when they say they are and that employees are utilizing the most effective routes possible while not back-tracking too much. Having a tool to calculate mileage driven in a fast and organized fashion, and at the same time provide an avenue to hold employees accountable is essential to mobile advertisers and marketers. Thankfully, GPS tracking devices provide a solution to all of these problems.

GPS trackers, whether they be live trackers like the SilverCloud GPS or passive recorders such as the GPS Tracking Key, can give mobile advertisers the ability to access a plethora of driving activity information. This information includes every street an employee traveled, how long they were on the road for, addresses they went to, mileage driven, and much, much more. This information can be used to hold employees working outside of the office more accountable, and make the summation process of mileage drive during tax season a whole lot easier.

What is even more impressive is that real-time systems offer additional benefits such as speed alarms, live access to locational information as well as a premier auto-theft recovery solution!

Next time you go to Las Vegas make sure to drink and gamble responsibly, but also have a good time. And remember that if you ever see one of those giant mobile billboards driving down Tropicana, Hugh Hefner Blvd, or Fremont Street, there is a good chance that the mobile advertisement truck is equipped with a vehicle tracking unit.

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