Monitoring Police With GPS Trackers

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Should Police Be Monitored Via GPS Tracking Devices?

Many Officers Are Asking For Privacy From GPS Trackers

SleepingLaw enforcement and police officers across the globe are no strangers to the advantages GPS tracking devices can provide. With a single tracking system having the ability to do vast amounts of surveillance work in a cost and time-effective way it is easy to see why GPS devices are now one of the most used tools for covert police investigations. Unfortunately for many privacy-loving police officers, since vehicle tracking GPS technology is so effective at recording driving information of criminals it is now being used by many departments for internal purposes.

Now that many police departments are using the same GPS tracking systems used to record the actions of suspected burglars, vandals and drug traffickers to monitor internal police activity many people are asking the question, “Should police departments use GPS trackers to record law enforcement officers?”

Many police officers feel like they are the good guys and are responsible for the public’s safety. They feel that the department should not be wasting efforts monitoring the officers trying to catch bad guys when there are so many crimes happening everyday. Although this argument is an interesting one, without anybody auditing and reviewing the actions, comings and goings of another the door is left open for corruption and abuse of power.

Aside from discussing the numerous and obvious benefits of vehicle tracking technology, such as improved routing and dispatching of police cruisers in an emergency situation, real-time and GPS data loggers can provide an easy way for departments to monitor and improve police accountability. Every year police departments across the U.S. conduct internal investigations on police officers and many times discover:

  1. Officers going home to sleep while they are suppose to be on patrol.
  2. Officers in a location they are not supposed to be.
  3. Officers falsifying time sheets and other documentation.

With so much corruption and fraud occurring on a daily basis while tax payers fit the bill it only seems to reason that police departments should utilize GPS systems to monitor officers in the field to improve fleet management operations as well employee accountability programs. Tax payers write the checks for police salaries, equipment, cruisers and would be more than willing to pay for GPS data loggers or real-time trackers to ensure that all resources are being used effectively and appropriately.

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Should police be upset about programs aimed at improving officer accountability via GPS tracking technology?