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When it comes to teen driving safety most people would think that highly populated states with many metropolitan areas would be the places where the most danger would present itself, but the reality is states such as New York and California are not even in the bottom half when it comes to teen driver safety. In fact, the most dangerous state for teenage drivers is Montana, which is leaving many parents in the gold and silver state searching for new ways to improve driving safety among teens in the state.

The survey conducted by looked at a number of different factors related to teenage drivers that included the number of teen driver deaths per 100k population, teen texting behaviors, teen alcohol use, car insurance costs among teens and other miscellaneous information. Montana unfortunately ranked high under a lot of these high-risk factors, ranking 3rd on the list for teens who text while driving and number one with teen driver who drink while operating an automobile (13%). The report is very troubling to say the least for parents in Montana but at least the information is now out there and that means steps can be made to improve the situation. One of the choices many parents in Montana are now making is to invest in car tracking technology so they can see exactly how their teens are driving.

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Live GPS tracking units can be installed permanently or simply hidden on a vehicle operated by a teen which will then give parents the ability to oversee driving activity of that teen at any time. Car tracking units will document the locations a teen visits, speeds they drive and more. Parents can even compare the driving data with text message records to determine if a teen is texting while behind the wheel. By comparing text and driving records Montana parents can at least eliminate one of the high-risk driving behaviors associated with teenage driving. However, the live tracking data also provides parents a simple way to locate their teen if the teen runs out of gas, becomes lost or simply needs some form of emergency assistance.

Clearly, the issue of safety among teenage motorists in Montana is a serious one that needs to be addressed frequently and intelligently. The old way was not working and if car tracking units are going to help parents in Montana then that should be something discussed in detail. No state wants to have the distinction of being the most dangerous state for teenage motorists and no parent wants to have their child harmed in a vehicle-related accident. Things need to change in Montana.


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