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10 Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers -Buyer’s Guide 2023

Are you looking to increase theft prevention on your Honda, Yamaha, or Harley Davidson motorcycle? Of course, you are! The fact is nearly 10,000 motorcycle bike thefts happened in California alone in 2020, all of which could have been recovered if an anti-theft device locator was equipped on the asset to track location. Having a motorbike stolen sucks, especially when a motorcycle can quickly be recovered with a portable real time GPS.

GPS tracking devices have different features that make them ideal for motorcycle theft prevention. The problem is that there are numerous real-time location tracking options on the market that all claim to be the best device for motorcycle riders. But what is the best GPS location tracker?

We researched battery life, historical data, power source, location device cost, how quickly the device provides real-time updates, technical support, and more when determining the top GPS trackers for bikes. According to our detailed analysis, SpaceHawk mini GPS was the best. This tracking device for car or motorcycle beat out Spytec GL300, Amcrest GPS, and Invoxia GPS trackers as the top motorcycle tracking device available in the market for 2023. Below, you can find our complete list!

Top 10 Mini GPS Devices To Track My Stolen Motorcycle

1. SpaceHawk Mini GPS – Best Overall For Motorcycle Security

GPS Tracker For Car


Our top overall pick among portable real time tracking devices for motorcycles, SpaceHawk is everything you need in a location tracker. The rugged, waterproof design of this motorcycle tracking device makes it perfect for use in difficult conditions. Not to mention, the magnetic mount allows you to hide the real-time GPS tracking unit anywhere on your bike. The best part? You can use SpaceHawk for tracking an ATV, snowmobile’s or, motorcycle’s location!

More dynamic than an Apple AirTag and more powerful than any other real time GPS tracker on this list SpaceHawk can be purchased for less than $100 and is backed with free technical support for the life of the product!

Key Features

  • Free technical support for the life of the product
  • This tracking device can withstand temperatures as low as -4oF and as high as 140oF.
  • Subscription plans start at $19.95 and can update the location as fast as 3 seconds
  • GPS tracker for car or motorcycle works in USA + Canada
  • Lifetime access to historical real time tracking data
  • GPS tracker with magnet also has a shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof casing
  • Motorcycle alarm via text and email if bike is stolen
Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof casing2-3 Week battery life
Free technical support for lifeDoes not work with offline maps
Real time updates every 3 seconds

2. SpyTec GL300 – Personal GPS Tracker For Motorbikes

One of the top-selling real time location tracking solutions on Amazon for a vehicle, car, motorcycle, or personal asset, SpyTec is another great LTE GPS for motorcycles. The GPS tracking system provides customized geofencing and tracking reports. What makes SpyTec GL300 one of the best motorcycle trackers are the 11,000+ online reviews on ProsCons24/7 location alertsSeparate purchase of extended battery packFast and secure technologyExpensive monthly fee for dataSOS button and long battery life

3. Americaloc GL300W – Easiest GPS To Hide On Bike

Route tracking and historical data storage are features that make the Americaloc GL300w real-time GPS tracker a popular device to track your motorcycle. You can use a maximum of 100 geo-fencing areas simultaneously with this motorcycle bike tracker device. By setting a
geofence, motorcycle owners can get an alert the very moment their bike is moved without authorization. With this mini tracker for motorcycles, you can easily retrieve previous location data and route history, and get real-time speed alerts through the cloud technology.

Americaloc can be used as a motorcycle or car tracker, allowing you to manage multiple vehicles with the online software. This GPS tracker for vehicles will promptly give alerts via SMS, notifications, or emails whenever the vehicle goes out of the geofenced area.

Key Features

  • You can set up 100 geofenced areas simultaneously with this motorcycle tracking device
  • You can check the location and route history data up till one year back from the current period
  • This real-time GPS tracker provides multiple options for advanced searches, such as date, time, location, or activity
  • You can create and manage custom routes with this GPS device
  • Real time GPS tracker provides immediate alerts whenever a geofenced area is breached
Managing 100 custom geofences simultaneouslyDifficult to understand the customizations
1-year historical data storage and retrieval
Tracking speed limit violations

Check out a more detailed write-up on this car tracker by Gadget Review byCLICKING HERE

4. Amcrest – Motorcycle GPS Tracker With Magnetic Case

One of the best features of the Amcrest GPS GL300 cellular GPS tracker is the user-friendly mobile app interface for iPhone and Android. It allows dynamic for seamless live tracking and replay of previous routes traveled. There are different functionalities in the app that enhances the customer experience. It also provides maps powered by Google Maps for locator tracking.

Key Features

  • Dynamic run trip option within the app that allows the user to replay the past route
  • It has a pre-installed battery pack that lasts for 14 days before requiring a recharge
  • This car GPS tracker is IPX5 waterproof, and therefore, it is perfect for outdoor use
  • Tracker locator has a sensory motion feature and will save battery energy when not in use
  • You can easily retrieve history data of location and route
Customer reports and options within the appSeparate purchase of magnetic casing
Waterproof with ultra-sensitive 3-way accelerometer
Anti-theft alerts

5. Optimus 2.0 – Wired GPS Tracker For Motorbikes

The Optimus 2.0 motorcycle and car GPS tracker costs about $54.95 on Amazon and requires a monthly subscription fee. The GPS locator is a fast, reliable, and economical GPS tracking device that can be used on motorcycles or vehicles fleets. It has dual mini-magnetic casings that make the mounting process straightforward. You can mount the magnet on the exterior portion of the vehicle. It is the best device to track the location of stolen motorcycles.

Key Features

  • GPS tracking device provides real time location updates every 10 seconds
  • It has low monthly fee subscriptions against a bundle of features
  • The tracker’s accelerometer has a motion detection feature that will disable the tracker for conserving battery when not in use
  • This vehicle GPS tracker has a lithium polymer battery that lasts for two weeks
A dual magnet for mounting purposesA protective case is required for enhanced durability
Low-cost monthly subscriptions
Location updates every 10 second

6. LandAirSea 54 – Best Portable Motorcycle GPS Tracker

The best attribute of this GPS locator tracking device is that it does not require any external hardware for mounting onto a vehicle. The LandAirSea GPS 54has a built-in strong magnet that will attach it to the vehicle. The best part of this vehicle tracking device is that it has an all-in-one design that does not require additional components.

Moreover, this magnetic GPS tracker is very small, making it easy to hide in a glovebox or under a vehicle. It has a long battery life and will provide pin-perfect location updates.

Key Features

  • This real time GPS tracker has a built-in strong magnet for easy installation
  • It has a 2.25” circumference and 0.8” thickness, making it small and easy to handle
  • This car GPS tracker is waterproof and has a pre-installed protective casing
  • The battery of this tracker can go on for two weeks before needing a recharge
  • This mini real-time GPS tracker is accurate within six feet of the vehicle
Built-in magnet and protective casingRequires the use of a web platform to access all features
Compact GPS tracker with location accuracy within six feet
Withstanding all conditions

7. Trak4 – Most Durable GPS For Motorcycles

It is the sturdiest GPS tracker for vehicles in terms of battery capacity and durability. This tracking device offers customizable settings for location updates. Moreover, you can also choose the preferred communication method per your requirements.

The composition of this tracking device has built-in screw mounts to attach it firmly to the vehicle. The commercial-grade material of this tracker makes it more durable than the rest of the GPS trackers. You can easily manage various vehicles simultaneously with its user-friendly mobile app.

Key Features

  • Personal GPS tracker has a lithium polymer battery that lasts for 18 months
  • This GPS tracking device is waterproof, weather resistant, and durable
  • It is easily rechargeable after 18 months using a micro-USB cable
  • This GPS locator offers customizable location updates per the user’s requirements
18 months battery lifeHeavier than other trackers
Waterproof, weatherproof, durableLarge logo, giving an unattractive look

8. Tkstar TK905 – Anti-Theft GPS For Bikes

This device’s anti-theft features make it a perfect solution if you have security concerns for your vehicle. It offers a wide range of added security features to ease the work for users. This tracker will also set off an alarm when it leaves a geofenced area without authorization.

Tkstar motorcycle tracking device has a built-in magnetic component for mounting it easily. The security settings of this dynamic tracker are customizable from a dedicated mobile app. Furthermore, you can also remotely listen to the audio around this tracker device.

Key Features

  • The best security feature of this device is that it provides a shock alarm in case of an attempted robbery
  • This real-time GPS tracker has a battery life of 60 days and is easily rechargeable
  • It is durable and waterproof, owing to the IP65 casing
  • This tracker will sound an alarm if the vehicle leaves the geofenced area without authorization
  • It has five built-in magnetic strips for mounting it firmly to the vehicle
  • The smartphone app of this GSM GPS tracker provides an array of different features and security settings customizations
60 days battery lifeNeed to purchase a GSM SIM card for use
Remote audio monitoringDifficult to comprehend initially
Shock alarm, waterproof casing, built-in magnet

9. PrimeTracking – Top Selling GPS On Amazon

This is a multi-purpose GPS tracker for a car, motorcycle, or any other asset you want to protect. You can use it for tracking other things apart from vehicles. It provides accurate location data. Moreover, this device is very easy to handle due to its small size.

There is no latency in the provision of location data as it is empowered with Google Maps. The user-friendly interface of this tracking device will assist in route tracking. Moreover, it will also alert you if you go out of the course on a pre-planned route.

Key Features

  • It is a 3” long device; easy to handle and install
  • This GPS tracker provides alerts for route tracking and geofenced area
  • It can cover an unlimited distance range for providing location services
  • The GPS tracking device has hyper-sensitive motion detectors
  • You can also place the live GPS tracker inside your bag, pocket, or anywhere else you want
Unlimited coverage distanceNo mounting case or built-in magnet is provided
Hyper-sensitive motion detector
Multi-purpose due to small size

10. Trackmate – Best Hardwired Mini 3G GPS Tracker

This mini-GPS tracker provides diverse security and anti-theft features. It is hardwired with the electrical componentry of your motorcycle. The hardwiring lets this tracker know if the bike is on or off. Thus, it operates accordingly per this sensory functionality.

The best part is that you no need to worry about the battery life of this mini-GPS tracker as it is powered by the battery of the vehicle. You can also cut off the ignition remotely through the mobile app or web platform to prevent theft. You can easily hide it in your motorcycle due to its compact size.

Key Features

  • This mini tracker is hardwired with the electrical componentry of the vehicle.
  • You can remotely control ignition via an app or web platform in case of attempted theft
  • IP65 casing makes this mini-GPS tracker waterproof
  • You will also get alerts if someone tampers with the tracking device or disconnects it
Anti-theft features, remote ignition controlDifficult to install (hardwiring)
Internal battery and hardwired power supply
IP65 waterproof casing

What To Consider When Buying Motorcycle GPS Trackers

Security Features

Geofencing, tampering alters, waterproof design, location updates, and hyper-sensitive motion detectors are the key security features you should consider while researching motorcycle GPS tracking devices. We believe the most important factor though is the design of a magnet mount. This keeps the footprint of the anti-theft tracker small and easy to hide on a motorbike.

GPS Tracker Technology

Different manufacturers utilize different types of technology when manufacturing GPS tracking devices. Compatibility with 3G or 4G networks, mobile app functionality, and cellular data modules are things that can make or break a real time GPS tracking device. The type of technology employed in manufacturing will impact the speed, accuracy, and reliability of the tracking device.

Battery Life

Battery power is one of the most critical factors affecting the reliability of a motorcycle or car GPS tracker. You should check the battery life of any motorcycle GPS tracking device before making the purchase. Also, the update rate could impact battery life so make sure you speak to the manufacturer or reseller about how that. It is preferable to choose trackers that have at least two weeks of battery life.


Which Is the Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker?

The SpaceHawk real time GPS is the best motorcycle tracker in terms of speed, accuracy, and functionalities. The GPS locator has good battery life, awesome technical support, and will provide live tracking results every three seconds. This mini GPS tracker will also provide anti-theft alerts along with geofenced notifications so you know the very moment your motorcycle is stolen.

What Is The Best Way To Track My Stolen Motorcycle?

GPS tracking devices are the best way to track a stolen motorcycle. Real time GPS trackers can provide the pinpoint location of a luxury vehicle, car, motorcycle, bike, or any asset. If you equip a motorcycle GPS tracking system on your motorcycle, you can easily monitor the bike remotely via a web-based platform or mobile app. In fact, the device can even alert you the very second your motorcycle is stolen so you can quickly recover the stolen motor bike!

Where Can I Hide A GPS Tracker On A Motorcycle?

Most motorcycle GPS tracking devices can be mounted anywhere due to the magnet mount design or accessory waterproof case with a magnet mount. Here are 5 of the most popular spots you can hide a GPS device on your motorbike:

  1. Under the motorcycle seat: This is a popular spot because it is out of sight and offers easy access to the battery and wiring.
  2. Inside the fairing or bodywork: If your motorcycle has a fairing or bodywork, you can hide the GPS tracker inside it.
  3. The saddlebags: If your motorcycle has saddlebags, you can hide the GPS tracker inside one of them.
  4. Near or inside the engine compartment: Some GPS trackers are small enough to fit inside the engine compartment, but this can be a bit more difficult to access.
  5. Tool compartment: Some motorcycles have a tool compartment under the seat where you can place the GPS tracker

When hiding a mini GPS tracker, you should be sure to install it in a location that is not easily accessible or visible to potential thieves.

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