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My Car Has GPS Can I Track It

My Car Has GPS Can I Track It – How To Find A Car With GPS For Free!

Are you curious about how to track a car with GPS for free? Whether you want to keep tabs on your vehicle or monitor a loved one’s whereabouts, knowing the ins and outs of car tracking can bring you peace of mind. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on different methods to track a car using GPS, all without spending a single penny. From smartphone apps to social media check-ins, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and explore the 7 different ways you can track a car for free!

Use Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps equipped with GPS functionality offer convenient ways to track a car for free. Some popular tracking apps include Find My iPhone (iOS), Find My Device (Android), and GPS Phone Tracker (cross-platform). These apps allow you to remotely monitor the car’s location, set up geofencing alerts, and even track its movement history.

  • Install a reliable GPS tracking app on the target device.
  • Grant necessary permissions to access GPS data.
  • Enjoy features like real-time tracking, geofencing, and movement history.

Utilize Google Maps

Google Maps provides a straightforward method to track a car using its live location-sharing feature. Enable location sharing on the target device and choose the duration for which you want to share the location. Then, share the live location link with yourself or others to monitor the car’s movements in real time.

  • Enable location sharing on the target device.
  • Choose the duration for location sharing.
  • Share the live location link with yourself or others.

Try Family Locator Apps

Family locator apps are specifically designed to track the whereabouts of family members. Apps like Life360 and Find My Friends allow you to create private circles, invite family members to join, and track their locations. You can receive real-time updates, set up geofencing alerts, and even chat within the app.

  • Install a family locator app on both your device and the target device.
  • Set up a private circle and invite family members to join.
  • Enjoy real-time tracking, geofencing, and in-app communication features.

Explore Fleet Management Tools

Although primarily designed for commercial purposes, fleet management tools can also be utilized to track individual vehicles. Platforms like GeoTab and Samsara offer open-source solutions that require some technical knowledge for installation and configuration. These tools provide advanced tracking features and can be accessed through web interfaces.

  • Install and configure a fleet management tool like GeoTabor Samsara.
  • Set up the software to track individual vehicles.
  • Access the web interface to monitor the car’s location and utilize advanced tracking features.

GPS Trackers With Web Platforms

GPS trackers equipped with free web platforms offer a reliable way to track a car remotely. Purchase a GPS tracker device, set it up in the car, and access the web platform to monitor the car’s movements. These platforms often provide features like real-time tracking, historical data, and geofencing.

  • Purchase a real time GPS tracker compatible with a free web platform.
  • Install the device in the car and set it up as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Access the web platform to monitor the car’s location and utilize additional features.

Use Social Media Check-Ins

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer location check-in features that can indirectly help track a car’s whereabouts. Encourage the car’s driver to check in frequently, allowing you to see their location updates on the respective social media platforms.

  • Request the car’s driver to frequently check in using location features on social media.
  • Keep an eye on their location updates on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Employ Anti-Theft Apps

Anti-theft apps like Prey or Cerberus can be handy in tracking a stolen or lost car. Install the app on the target device, activate the tracking features, and monitor its location remotely through the app’s website or another device. These apps often offer additional functionalities like remote locking or wiping of data.

  • Install an anti-theft app like Prey or Cerberus on the target device.
  • Activate tracking features and necessary permissions.
  • Monitor the car’s location remotely through the app’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Track My Car For Free?

Yes! Through the use of free GPS tracking apps or data loggers, you can know the location of a car 24/7 without paying any monthly subscription fees. However, with GPS data loggers, you would need to remove the tracker from the vehicle to see everywhere that car has been. The data will provide information such as where the car was located, how fast it was going, and the length of time it was parked at each address.

For more information on GPS data loggers please click here.

What If I Want To Know The Exact Location Of A Car In Real Time?

If you need to know a car’s location in real time than a live car tracker is what you will need! How these GPS car tracker solutions work is with the help of a cellular network. Here is how you can use hidden GPS trackers to find the exact location of any vehicle:

  1. Place a real time GPS in the glove compartment or hidden spot inside/outside the vehicle 
  2. Active GPS will utilize cellular connectivity (SIM Card) to transmit GPS location as the vehicle moves
  3. Locate your car with tracker apps for iPhone or Android to find the stolen car

With a tracker on your car, it is easy to increase fleet tracking efficiency and safety among teen drivers. This is because realtime tracking is so accurate it can pinpoint a parked car in the exact space it is in! There is no better form of location tracking on the market today.

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