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My Car Has GPS Can I Track It

How To Track A Car With GPS For Free

One of the more increasingly popular tools used by a variety of people has been the GPS tracking system. The GPS tracking device is a small system that receives low-frequency radio/GPS signals from a constellation of satellites orbiting the Earth and uses that information to document things such as position, time, distance traveled, and more. With a number of benefits and advantages the monitoring technology can bestow, Tracking System Direct compiled a shortlist of some of the people investing in GPS tracking technology and why they are using these monitoring devices, and how these people can access data from a GPS to track a car!


Top 10 People To Benefit From GPS Tracking

The first thing most people probably think of when they think of real time GPS tracking technology is semi-trucks and transportation vehicles. We see them every day on the highways and roadways carrying and transporting anything from food to core-durable goods. These trucks make life easy for us by allowing us to go to local shopping centers to access food or any other good. However, big-rig trucks are only a fraction of the groups using GPS tracking or vehicle tracking technology.

  1. Trucking/ Distribution Trucks: Having a fleet management solution to improve routing, provide an estimated time of arrivals and more is essential to companies hauling cargo all across the country (Truck GPS Tracker)
  2. Military: Armed Forces use GPS tracking technology for a variety of applications, not only on the battlefield but for training purposes as well.
  3. Transportation Companies: Taxicab and limousine companies turn to vehicle tracking technology for mileage calculation and to ensure employees are working while on the clock.
  4. Small or Large Businesses: Any business with mobile assets can use GPS trackers to validate mileage and work activity of employees working out in the field.
  5. Parents of Teens: Using a GPS tracking device is as easy as using a cellular phone, that is why many consumers are now using the monitoring technology for teen tracking applications. Understanding the driving habits of a teen is important in making certain a teen is not speeding and being a safe driver (Teen GPS Tracker)
  6. Car Owners: Sometime full-coverage insurance simply isn’t enough, and with a GPS tracking device car burglars don’t stand a chance of successfully stealing your automobile or motorcycle. GPS trackers provide the perfect theft-recovery solution.
  7. Snow Plow Operators: The guys who spend the harsh winter months keeping city streets clear often rely on GPS tracking systems to make certain they hit every residential and city road. In fact, snow plow GPS tracking allows cities to be more efficient, saving many local governments substantial tax dollars.
  8. Elderly: Many elderly suffering from memory-related problems can use GPS devices to ensure a family member will be able to access their location if they ever begin to wander or get lost (Elderly GPS Tracker)
  9. Outdoor Adventurers: Those who seek thrills often take live tracking devices such as the Victoria tracking system with them in case they become lost, or to record their adventures.
  10. Pet Owners: Many GPS tracking systems are small enough to be worn on a pet’s collar, allowing a pet owner to have 24/7 access to their pet’s location.

Can I Track My Car For Free?

The simple answer is yes! Through the use of GPS data loggers, people can know the location of their car 24/7 without paying any monthly subscription fees or using any mobile apps. However, they would need to remove the tracker from the vehicle in order to see everywhere that car has been. The data will provide information such as where the car was located, how fast it was going, and the length of time it was parked at each address.

For more information on GPS data loggers please click here.

What If I Want To Know The Exact Location Of A Car In Real Time?

If you need to know a car’s location in real time than a live car tracker is what you will need! How these GPS car tracker solutions work is with the help of a cellular network. Here is how you can use hidden GPS trackers to find the exact location of any vehicle:

  1. Place a real time GPS in the glove compartment or hidden spot inside/outside the vehicle 
  2. Active GPS will utilize cellular connectivity (SIM Card) to transmit GPS location as the vehicle moves
  3. Locate your car with tracker apps for iPhone or Android to find the stolen car

With a tracker on your car, it is easy to increase fleet tracking efficiency and safety among teen drivers. This is because realtime tracking is so accurate it can pinpoint a parked car in the exact space it is in! There is no better form of location tracking on the market today.

Can I Track My Car If It Has GPS

Expert Pick For Best Car GPS Tracker

Once you equip a GPS vehicle tracker to an automobile you can easily track your car from Android, iPhone, or web browser.  According to expert review sites and online customer reviews from verified buyers on Amazon, the Flashback GPS tracker received the highest marks via customer feedback in passive tracking applications in 2020. The Flashback GPS tracker was used by numerous businesses, law enforcement agencies, and consumers for the first time this year, and the overwhelming response was one of excitement.

hidden gps tracker

LandAirSea Flashback GPS Tracking Device

The Flashback GPS Tracker is different compared to many other GPS tracking devices because this GPS tracker has no monthly fees. Although the Flashback GPS Tracker is a data logger, not having the ability to transmit in real-time, the tracking system has found to be a cost-effective way for parents to monitor teen driving, businesses to document employee travel history, and law enforcement to investigate potential criminals.

What really makes the Flashback the best GPS tracker stand above the rest of the passive tracking systems in the market is it’s the ability to record up to 100 hours of wheels-in-motion driving time on only 2 high-grade lithium batteries. No other tracking system comes close to matching the power of the Flashback GPS tracker.

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