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My Daughter Is Secretive

How Do You Deal With a Secretive Teenager?

There is no worse feeling for a parent than when you have deal with a surly teenager. Why do teenagers hide things? Why do they seem so angry? And what is a concerned parent supposed to do when they try and discipline a teenager who doesn’t care about consequences? When teenagers are at their worst they typically need the most attention, but that does not mean parents shouldn’t go above and beyond to be sure a teen is safe. This is the reason why many parents are dealing with secretive teenage daughters with GPS trackers.

GPS tracking refers to the satellite technology there is no doubt that it is becoming increasingly popular among parents of secretive teen drivers. With so many different tracking system options now available for parents to choose from it may be difficult to decide what is the most appropriate teen tracking solution. If a parent of a teen driver is searching for a reasonably priced tracker to gain more information about where their secretive teen is going than one of the most popular devices is a product called Driving Activity Reporter.

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Hiding Something?

Taking a positive psychology approach to dealing with a secretive child is always the best way to find out the truth. This starts with positive child development where kids are encouraged to speak about their feelings and to speak openly with their parents. However, every family life is different, especially in homes where there are divorced parents or where both parents have professional work obligations that require them to work long hours. The first thing you want to avoid with a secretive daughter is looking through her room or cell phone, as those breaches of trust can be seen as unforgivable by many teens. It also does send the message that you as the parent still view them as a child. This is why one of the best things parents can do is remove the girl from their natural environment.

Change the location, change the energy, and maybe you can get your daughter to change in the way she communicates with you. Plan a trip that you both will get enjoyment from, and do not be afraid to open up to her about your personal struggles as well.

Driving Activity Reporter: Teen GPS

For almost 7 years the Driving Activity Reporter has proven to be the most reliable, accurate, and easy teen tracking system available to parents who want to find out why a teen daughter is being so secretive about their whereabouts. Features of the GPS data logger parents find useful and advantageous include:

  • Recording of arrival and departure addresses
  • Documentation of every stop a diver makes
  • Multiple methods of viewing data, including text reports, digital street maps, and Google Earth mapping
  • Attached magnetic that provides flexible mounting and placement options inside or outside of a vehicle
  • One second tracking updates that provide consistent and reliable data without gaps
  • Motion sensor that automatically turns the tracking system on and off

Driving Activity Reporter has received high marks and positive reviews from numerous online tech and gadget sites, making the tracking system a favorite among concerned parents. Standing at about the size of a pack of chewing gum, this passive vehicle GPS tracker is small enough to be placed:

  • Inside a vehicle’s glove box compartment
  • On top of the rear or front dashboard of a vehicle
  • Inside the pouches behind the driver or passenger seats
  • Underneath the driver or passenger seats
  • Inside the center console
  • Magnetically attached to the outside frame of a vehicle

Driving Activity Reporter was placed through a rigorous indoor and outdoor testing process during development and continues to be tested on a daily basis to ensure that consumers who choose the GPS data logger will be receiving the best passive tracking system available on the market.

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Should a Teenager Have Privacy?

Parents can rest assured that the Driving Activity Reporter will provide them all the answers to the unknown driving activity of their teen driver(s). The teen surveillance device will provide answers to any parent who has ever asked, “How do you know if your child is hiding something?“. This will help any parent sleep better at night by providing 100% reliable data that will confirm or curb suspicions that a teen driver is obeying the laws of the road.

Some tracking systems can be complicated and difficult to operate, but the Driving Activity Reporter was designed specifically for parents of teen drivers to easily access the recorded data in a simple and time-efficient manner. The teen GPS tracker was created for parents who want to know where their teens are going and why they are being secretive. All a parent needs to do to use the Driving Activity Reporter is:

  1. Insert two AAA batteries into the GPS Tracking Key
  2. Place the GPS Tracking Key inside or outside of a vehicle
  3. Remove the GPS Tracking Key from the vehicle and download the recorded driving data

It can be heart-breaking for parents who have to ask themselves, “My daughter is secretive, what can I do?”.  The answer is to make sure they are safe or not any real trouble, and the first way to determine this is through the help of a teen tracking device.

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