Nanny Camera Busts Woman

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Hidden Home Cameras Improve Family Safety

Woman Caught On Camera Abusing Child

When a family hired a local nanny to pay special attention to their infant child they could have never even dreamed what would happen next, unless that dream was a nightmare.

After coming home early on occasion from outings, the parents of a baby discovered that their infant child would be on the ground or in a rocker watching television. The parents did not want to fork out money to simply hire a person to sit the baby in front of a television for hours on end, but rather pay special attention to the infant. They wanted their child to engage in social activity with the nanny, something the parents thought would help promote learning. After believing the nanny was not giving the child any form of special attention, the parents chose to set-up a hidden camera system, more commonly referred to as a “nanny cam“. Although the family did believe that the nanny was neglecting their child, they could have never imagined that she was actually abusing the baby, but that is exactly what the video footage from the surveillance system showed.

Looking to covertly monitor what the nanny was doing in their home, the parents invested in a spy camera that resembled a normal household object. The video camera blended in flawlessly to the home environment, capturing everything that happened. What that video camera recorded was the nanny violently shaking the baby, tossing the baby forcefully on the couch and abusing the infant continuously with zero remorse.

Shocked and frightened for their babies’ safety, the family contacted local law enforcement and reported the incident.

Surveillance Growing More Popular In Homes

Video camera technology is increasingly becoming more popular in the homes of average Americans, as people look for ways to improve family and personal safety. With so many families requiring both Mom and Dad to work full-time jobs in order to have even the smallest amount of financial freedom, technology is allowing parents to another weapon to protect their families.

The three (3) most popular forms of technology (other than camera devices) used to enhance home safety include GPS tracking systems (used to monitor driving), voice recorders (used to capture conversations inside the home) and keystroke logger devices (used to record online activity).