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GPS Tracking Systems Company Wants Feedback

Tracking System Direct has built a reputation for delivering the most sophisticated and reliable personal and fleet tracking solutions to businesses and consumers all over the globe. Offering GPS vehicle tracker devices capable of networking an entire fleet of mobile assets to consumer trackers that can validate the whereabouts of a teen or romantic partner, Tracking System Direct has a number of different tracking systems that can improve security while providing assurance. Always seeking to meet the needs of the customer, Tracking System Direct is asking customers, tracker device enthusiasts and businesses what type of GPS monitoring features they would like to see in the next generation of GPS tracker.

The customer is essential in helping GPS monitoring systems engineers and developers create features and designs of the next generation of tracker devices. Through the feedback of customers, Tracking System Direct was able to determine what features of the GPS Tracking Key were working and which ones needed improvement when it came time to develop the Flashback GPS. By listening to customers, Tracking System Direct was able to identify that the consumer and business market demanded a compact tracking solution that had an exterior magnetic mount and internal antenna. With the positive feedback also came constructive criticism such as the inconvenience of accessing the battery door compartment, and the short battery-life associated with AAA batteries. With this information, Tracking System Direct was able to work directly with LandAirSea to create a tracker device that out-performed every other GPS monitoring solution on the market!

With engineers at Tracking System Direct in the process of creating both a new passive tracker and real-time tracker, the global distributor of GPS fleet management systems is once again turning to the customer for feedback that will help engineers create the next generation of GPS monitoring systems. Therefore, Tracking System Direct will be accepting emails and phone calls about different vehicle tracking features that could be advantageous, and analyzing the customer feedback to see what ideas can actually be implemented.

“All reasonable feedback will be reviewed and provided to developers of GPS car tracking systems for the creation of the next generation of tracking systems”, explained a Tracking System Direct representative. “With that being said, we are in no way interested in getting feedback from those who too closely follow science fiction literature, asking us to create a tracker device that can be implanted in the skin or any other absurd suggestions.”

Those interested in learning more about consumer trackers or professional-grade monitoring systems can contact Tracking System Direct for more information. Positive feedback is always freely taken, and ideas that hold merit or value will be sent directly to the GPS monitoring developers for review.