Real-Time Tracking System With Longer Battery

Tracking System Direct has constantly revamped their online store in order to deliver the latest and most advanced security products. The non-stop evaluation of devices to provide cutting edge location based hardware and services has been at the core of the GPS provider’s philosophy.  The Southern California company has long been synonymous with personal and vehicle GPS tracking by servicing small businesses, police agencies and a growing sector of consumers using GPS trackers for a wide variety of monitoring applications. Therefore, it is no surprise that the GPS tracking system company is proud to announce that it will be offering a new real-time GPS tracker later next month that will redefine portability, efficiency and reliability.

SilverCloud GPS Overdrive: Real-Time Tracking

In the coming months, Tracking System Direct will be adding a new GPS tracker that provides the latest in live GPS technology: SilverCloud Overdrive. Offering consumers and businesses the ability to access driving activity as it takes place, SilverCloud Overdrive tracking data can be viewed by logging into a secure website by using nothing more than username and pass code credentials. The online platform allows the live GPS tracking data to be viewed on a mobile device, tablet system or personal computer, making it easy to monitor automotive assets while on the go. Other features include detailed reports that can break down mileage by state, excessive stops, excessive speeding, arrival/departure addresses and much more. The real-time GPS system can even notify users if a vehicle is speeding or driving out of a pre-set safe zone.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the next generation of SilverCloud GPS making its debut upon our online store because this device is really going to offer our clients the type of information that can help them boost safety, productivity and accountability”, President of Operations for the California GPS tracking system company explained. “The response to the original SilverCloud when it was released 3 years ago has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are confident that this latest version of the GPS tracker system will only continue to assist those with vehicle management needs all across the globe.”

The most improved feature of the SilverCloud Overdrive is the extended battery life that will give those wanting a portable GPS tracker system the ability to monitor a vehicle for long durations of time without requiring a power charge. SilverCloud Overdrive will also be backed by the the best free technical support staff available 7 days a week, along with a 365 day manufacturer’s warranty.

Those with questions about the SilverCloud Overdrive or any of the other GPS tracking systems featured can contact a sales associate 7 days a week at 951-704-9503