Apple GPS Tracking App

iphone GPS tracking app

Real-Time Tracker Device App

iphone_GPS_appThere are millions of apps now available for purchase or free download on iTunes, and the numbers only continue to grow as mobile communication technology rises in popularity. There are apps such as Fandango that provide showing times of movies, Google Maps to provide navigational information, Facebook to offer social networking, and essentially an app for almost anything a person can think of. Understanding that more and more people are investing in smart phone technology and use the technology for computing, LandAirSea released a new GPS tracking app that allows people to locate where their vehicle or personal asset is at in real-time!

GPS App Provides Live Data

What makes the new tracker device app unique is that it allows people using SilverCloud GPS tracker hardware to access live positional information without the presence of a computer. “The new GPS monitoring app is available for download at no cost via iTunes, and gives anyone using our exclusive live tracking solutions a simple and new way to remotely view where their mobile or personal assets are located”, explained a personal GPS expert for Tracking System Direct. “With this free app, historical data, live locational data and more information related to driving activity are accessible, giving users the ultimate mobile monitoring solution.” Modern society is continuing to evolve at a frantic pace, and this is clearly evident by the increased use of mobile computing technology. People now use their mobile communication devices to transfer money, network with friends, send emails, access global news, draft documents, navigate in unfamiliar areas, and so much more. With the launch of the new real-time tracker device app, anyone with vehicle tracking or surveillance needs will now be able to also access where a personal or company automobile is located without seconds using mobile phone technology.

People with questions surrounding the new real-time GPS app can acquire more information by visiting the iTunes store, or contacting a personal GPS representative at Tracking System Direct. Live virtual demos are available at no cost, and the app is now available at iTunes for mobile download for free.