GPS Sold In Airline Magazine

SilverCloud flyer

Skymall GPS Tracker Magnet

SilverCloudflyer1-1In an effort to pass some time during a commercial flight, many airline passengers will pull out a magazine and do a little recreational reading. While traveling by air the most commonly read magazine is SkyMall, a catalog filled with a variety of gadgets and unique products. This magazine always provides a light, interesting read for airline passengers, but two products featured in the catalog have created quite the buzz among business owners and consumers. The products are GPS tracking systems called SilverCloud GPS and Tracking Key, and they have made it easier for people to observe driving activity than ever before.

Two Tracker Device Spread

The reason two tracker device products are features in SkyMall is because one item is categorized as a “passive” system, while the other is categorized as a “active” system. Basically, GPS Tracking Key is the passive system, which means the person using the device would need to take the system off of the automobile that was being monitored and download the tracking data in order to see where a driver has traveled. This is because passive systems cannot send live locational information. The benefits of using a passive system are that the technology offers second-by-second historical information, longer battery life and no monthly or annual service fees.

Passive systems are most commonly popular with parents wanting to observe teen driving activity, companies looking to check on a possible problem employee or those seeking relationship verification.

Active technology, the most common type of GPS monitoring people think about, is what SilverCloud tracker offers. This means a person can view live locational updates from any computer or cellular phone, receive alert notifications if a driver is speeding, have unlimited access to historical driving and a number of other features that include routing utility, aggressive driving reports and more.

Active systems are most commonly used for auto-theft recovery, fleet management of company vehicles, personal safety and various law enforcement applications.

Anyone who may have seen the tracking systems in SkyMall and continues to have questions about the products can contact a personal GPS tracking devices at Tracking System Direct. Customer service representatives are available every day of the week by phone and email to provide complete support.