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International GPS Tracker For Cars

silvercloudglobal4Since its debut over a year ago, SilverCloud GPS has been one of the top-selling real-time trackers on the market. Meeting the fleet management needs of businesses all over the world as well as consumers looking to enhance personal safety, the real-time GPS engineered by LandAirSea continues to be the live monitoring solution of choice for users everywhere. One of the reasons why so many people invest in the real-time tracker is because of the various data plan options the system has available, allowing users to have GPS data refreshed at a rate between every 5 minutes to 3 seconds. Although these GPS data plans have given users the ability to select a monitoring plan that fits their particular needs, Tracking System Direct has only been able to offer one rate for international clients. That is until now!

Starting this month, international clients will now be able to access a number of different GPS tracking systems data plan options. These new data plan options will give users the ability to access GPS vehicle tracking day every minute, 10 seconds or faster. This will allow international clients to select a data plan that best fits their particular GPS monitoring needs!

“For nearly a year, Tracking System Direct was only able to offer those looking to use the SilverCloud real-time tracker outside of the United States a single $49.95 per month data plan with a 10-second refresh rate”, explained a representative for the GPS tracker company. “After months of research and working closely with telematics experts overseas, Tracking System Direct was able to find a way to offer an expanded line of data plans that give international clients more than one live tracking option. We believe that this will only result in the tracker device continuing to grow in popularity all across the globe.”

Personal GPS tracking experts at Tracking System Direct are standing by to offer assistance to any of those with questions about the live vehicle monitoring solution and the new GPS data plans available for interntioanl users.