SilverCloud Extra Battery

SilverCloud_GPS battery charger

New Real-Time Accessory Available For Purchase

SilverCloud_GPS_battery_chargerWhen the majority of consumers think about GPS monitoring devices their minds go straight toward real-time systems that provide live and remote access to equipment and people. Real-time tracker devices continue to be in high demand because they offer auto-theft prevention, vehicle management and asset protection, but one of the minor draw backs of live GPS monitoring devices is that they have much less battery-life than passive tracking solutions such as products like GPS Tracking Key. This is because real-time trackers are constantly receiving GPS signals to determine locational information an then transmitting that positional data using wireless networks to a server where the encrypted GPS data can be remotely accessed via the Internet by the user. All of this effort results in battery power being drained within 15 hours of movement/motion time for popular GPS tracking systems such as the SilverCloud GPS. Understanding that businesses and consumers using real-time trackers as portable devices often times will want to have a backup battery ready to swap in if a real-time GPS system is getting low on battery power, Tracking System Direct has launched a new extra battery and portable charger for the SilverCloud tracking device that is now available for purchase via the online store!

Extra Battery Power

For those who demand a portable GPS monitoring device that operates in real-time but don’t want to hard-wire or connect the unit to a car cigarette lighter port, the SilverCloud extra battery pack combo is the ideal solution. This GPS accessory will allow any business or person to always have a secondary battery powered and ready to go.

“Many of the police agencies and service-based companies we work with prefer to use GPS vehicle trackers in a portable fashion”, stated a business tracking specialist for Southern California based Tracking System Direct. “This new accessory will give these clients the ability to quickly swap batteries so they never have to sit and wait while a tracker powers via wall charger.”

Those with questions about the new accessory or who want to get a free quote for bulk discount pricing can contact one of the vehicle management specialists at Tracking System Direct. Sales associates and technical support agents are available every day of the week to assist customers.