Stun Guns Discontinued


GPS Tracking System Company End Stun Gun Sales

TrackingSystemDirectLogo.2GPS vehicle management solutions experts Tracking System Direct have spent years working hands-on with consumers, businesses and an assortment of government agencies to provide the most sophisticated GPS tracking systems the market has to offer. This is because Tracking System Direct has always had the vision of providing the best products, customer service and technical support to anyone interested in GPS fleet tracking systems. Although the company headquartered in Southern California  primarily focuses on development, testing and selling of tracker devices, over the past two years Tracking System Direct has introduced a line of security products. These security devices include products such as keystroke loggers, hidden cameras and computer monitoring software. Unfortunately, due to a recent internal change with a surveillance wholesale distributor, Tracking System Direct will be placing all stun gun devices on indefinite hold for purchase.

Stun Guns No Longer Available For Purchase

As of the first of June, online shoppers visiting Tracking System Direct will no longer be able to purchase any stun gun products. Any orders placed through the online shopping cart will be cancelled immediately, and the customer will receive a complete refund. No stun gun product will be shipped.

“We understand that our customer base has interest in GPS monitoring devices along with other security devices, and that is why we expanded our product line to meet customer demand”, explained the President of Tracking System Direct. “Over the past two years we received a tremendous amount of positive feedback about our select line of stun gun products. Although we look forward to bringing that particular product line back sometime in the future, due to the transition in our wholesale distribution model we will be putting the sale of all stun guns on an indefinite pause. However, it is important to note that all GPS car tracking products and other security items will continue to be available for purchase via the online store. Tracking System Direct will also continue providing lifetime support to those who have purchased stun guns and other products from us in the past.”

Anyone with questions about the change in policy surrounding stun gun sales can reach a representative at Tracking System Direct any day of the week to get more information.