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North Carolina Teen Speeding Law Problems

North Carolina Teen Driving Law

Teens Still Upset One Year Later

With the arrival of the new year comes new laws, but one new law related to teenage driving safety created quite a controversy among newly licensed teens in 2012. What this new driving law stated was that teenage motorists under the age of 18 caught driving in excess of 15mph over the speed limit would be arrested! Although the law was intended to be a proactive step in reducing the statistically frightening number of deaths associated with teenage driving, it has not sat well with those targeted by the law that has now been in place approximately for one year.

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The North Carolina Highway Patrol is well aware of the powerful and vivid statistics that validate the real dangers associated with teenage driving. Numbers that show the top cause of premature death among teens are automotive-related accidents. However, some North Carolina teens and even adults have stated they believe an arrest for what is essentially a misdemeanor traffic offense is not the appropriate way to address the issue of teenage driving safety. The opponents of the law state that it’s unfair because the law that targets only a specific group of people is actually discrimination. They ask why adults over 18 can drive 15mph over the speeding limit and not get arrested even though the driver’s responsibility is the same?

North Carolina Teen Driving

Parents agree that measures should be taken to promote, encourage and reward safe driving practices in an effort to reduce the teenage driving statistics, but many believe that this law is simply overkilled. This is why some parents have invested in GPS teen tracking systems to monitor the driving behaviors of teen motorists. With these tracker device systems, parents can easily determine if their teen is driving a car at dangerous unsafe speeds. GPS tracking systems are one of the newest avenues parents are choosing to learn more about how

Although the majority of North Carolina teens impacted by the driving law don’t agree with it they do understand why such legislation was drafted. One teen interviewed about the law explained it is important that teen drivers be aware of their driving behaviors. She said anything that could possibly make a teenage driver think twice about their driving habits is a positive thing, but adults should also be held to the same type of driving standards

Do you agree with the North Carolina legislation that is harsher toward drivers under the age of 18 that are caught speeding?

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