GPS Tracking Systems and Obama

GPS Tracking Law Passed By Obama

GPS tracking system technology has been receiving an abundance of attention over the past 5 months with the states of Wisconsin and New York interpreting police procedures of the use of GPS trackers differently. Wisconsin courts found that police were not required to obtain a warrant in order to place a tracking device on a suspected criminal’s vehicle, whereas New York courts had a differing view and found it imperative that police acquire a warrant before placing a tracking unit on any individuals vehicle. The clashing view on what is or is not acceptable with GPS monitoring procedures has caused a firestorm among some privacy advocates, resulting in people asking for the federal government to weigh in on the issue of vehicle tracking, and provide a concrete resolution on what is appropriate GPS monitoring by police.

The GPS tracking system debate comes in two forms:

Should police be required to obtain a warrant before using a GPS tracking system to record the travels of a suspected criminal?

Do citizens have the right to place a GPS tracking system onto another citizen’s vehicle if they do so on public property and do not enter the vehicle?

The debate over acceptable vehicle tracking system procedures has risen, and now people are asking at what time is the application of GPS monitoring a violation of a citizen’s rights? Is the violation occur when GPS trackers are used by police on whoever they see fit, or when a citizen can go to any shopping center parking lot and place a monitoring device on another citizen’s vehicle to monitor their travels? Unfortunately, there are very few laws on the books regarding what are acceptable GPS tracking system practices, leaving police and citizens to draw their own conclusion on what is acceptable in their local area. However, the rules surrounding the use of GPS tracking devices may become more defined as President Obama may outline his thoughts on the vehicle tracking debate.

How Would Obama Rule GPS Tracker Issue

Although Obama has not publicly spoken or released a statement on his personal views surrounding the use of GPS monitoring systems, his record on some other issues leads many business GPS tracking experts to believe that Obama would allow police to use tracking units in any fashion as long as a warrant was obtained prior to the installation of the personal tracking system. It is rumored that some people in Obama’s inner circle have said that the President would prefer that the vehicle tracking issue be determined at a state, not the federal level. When addressing the media on a variety of topics, Obama stated that his main focus at this point in time is strengthening the economy, and creating a public option for health care. Obama did not respond to any questions about fleet management or privacy laws.

Should President Obama draft legislation that outlines appropriate uses of GPS trackers?

Should the states be the ones deciding what are acceptable GPS tracking practices?

Source: Chicago Tribune