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The workplace can be either described as a friendly and warm place or a judgemental and cold place where anything from verbal abuse to sexual harassment can occur. Unfortunately, with the current economic crisis making good jobs pretty much impossible to find, many people are forced to stick it out in an uncomfortable work environment just to pay the bills. Many people simply feel that today’s economic climate is simply too bad, and therefore they will keep any job even if it is a bad one. Although the job market is pretty much on life support at the moment that does not mean employers and or fellow employees should engage in any type of conduct that is detrimental or negative toward a fellow employee. These things can include any action toward a co-worker, usually an unwelcome action, that results in an employee having a more difficult time performing a task, and or causes the co-worker to feel that they are operating in a hostile environment. Thankfully, hidden camera systems designed for office surveillance are providing the solution for employees who feel that the workplace is a hostile environment filled with tension and often times harassment.

Office harassment can occur anywhere to anyone regardless of their age, culture, gender, race, religion, political views, or sexual orientation, but the only thing that is important to note is that workplace harassment is not okay. Making the matter worse is some mid-level managers or even people in upper management will sometimes not take documented cases of harassment as seriously as they should, leaving the employee/victim to continue and try and work in an environment that can feel hostile and unwelcoming. However, employees can gather their own evidence with office camera systems designed to look like almost any item normally found in the office. Clock cameras, tissue box cameras, and calculator cameras are all available to help people gather concrete evidence of workplace harassment in a covert and user-friendly fashion without drawing any attention.

Some companies use GPS tracking systems to monitor staff, so why shouldn’t staff monitor fellow employees or managers who they feel may be engaging in inappropriate behaviors?

The great thing about spy gear designed for capturing data in the office environment is that first, the monitoring technology provides a sense of security that the employee/victim is not alone, and second that any unwanted harassment will be documented if legal action is necessary. Tracking systems, security cameras, and even spyware software are now all common tools utilized by employers to enhance employee efficiency, but employees can also utilize the same form of technology to protect themselves from discrimination and harassment.

If you or anyone you know believes that workplace harassment or discrimination is occurring, please contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to get more information or file a complaint.