Oil Spill In Gulf


Who Is Really At Fault?

Cleanup Operations Still Underway In The Gulf

Oil_SpillAs hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil continue to spew into the Gulf of Mexico every single day, people must wait to see just how bad one of the worst oil spills ever recorded in history will affect wildlife, tourism and the local economies that will surely be devastated from the incident. Sources with the New York Times are now stating that the cleanup effort will take many years to complete, and that the damage caused from the oil spill will easily be in the tens of billions of dollars.

Although there continues to be an investigation into the events that caused and resulted from the oil rig explosion that occurred nearly 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana, one major question still haunts many people, “How were the people at BP able to drill for oil without any fail-safe in place?”. Clearly, drilling and gathering oil is a very sophisticated procedure that can have a dramatic and violent impact on the environment when done wrong. However, no person or company should be allowed to conduct any operations without a “worst case scenario” plan, which BP obviously did not have.

So Who Is Really At Fault?

The government should have had more oversight on the situation, making it mandatory that BP and other companies drilling in the Gulf and everywhere provide a plan how they would approach any possible problems encountered. The oil companies should have been required to provide a plan A, B and C to a multitude of scenarios to oversight committees before any drilling plans were green-lighted. Therefore, there is a lot of blame to be shared by not only the people at BP, but also the government. However, it is really not that surprising a situation like this occurred and will likely occur again with all of the money oil companies give to fuel political careers and influence.

GPS tracking system experts and vehicle tracking specialists at Tracking System Direct can only hope the spill can be contained as soon as possible, the cleanup moves fast and that the damage is not too great to the environment

Anyone who is curious to see exactly how much oil is polluting and ruining the Gulf of Mexico can visit the good folks at BP and view the live feed, showing oil flood the ocean without hesitance or care. A true symbol of the cost of greed, and failure to explore more heavily in safe alternative fuel sources.