Online Poker Shut Down


Feds Deal Online Poker A Bad Beat

GPS Tracking Systems Expert Gives Analysis

onlinepokerOnline gambling is a billion dollar industry that has only continued to expand and grow in popularity. The Internet and online gaming community over the past decade have created a portal that allows anybody to easily play low or high stakes poker games such as Texas Hold’em online, but a few years back politicians frowned upon this new form of online business enterprise, making it illegal to engage in online gaming inside the United States. What happened next was online gaming companies moved headquarters and bank accounts overseas, and reopened business for those who still wanted to play online, essentially finding a loophole in the law. The legislation that outlawed online poker did little to curb the growing demand for online games and entertainment, but today the F.B.I. decided they had enough and shutdown the three biggest names in online poker that include PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Although the websites are now offline as the feds investigate the companies for a number of crimes ranging from bank fraud and money laundering, this GPS tracking systems expert feels that the government has a made a huge mistake in the way they have handled online gaming poker.

Before this vehicle tracking system specialist begins his rant, it is important to note that the people working for the FBI are great people who are simply being forced to follow through with the legislation drafted in 2006 by congress that outlawed online poker in the United States. There are multiple things about this particular news story that make me want to vociferate about the misuse and inappropriate action by our government and feds. First of all, online poker is a form of business that has exploded in mainstream popularity, and generates billions upon billions of dollars. The current lawmakers “working” in Washington have repeatedly stated their concern about two things, 1) Government Spending, and 2) Increasing Revenue, and the online poker issue is a perfect example of how foolish and one-sided the government sometimes views things. For example, the investigative process into the actions of the companies who offer online poker services will likely cost millions of dollars, and the legal process will take many more millions. This is only adding to the current deficit but if the Feds simply regulated and taxed online poker they could not only reduce spending but reduce the deficit from the money received from taxing the online poker community. Players would feel the games were more on a level playing field, and the government would make billions in tax dollars. Also, the companies wouldn’t have to flee overseas, resulting in lost U.S. jobs.

The second thing that really bothers this fleet management expert is NOT the fact the feds filed legal paper works and arrest documents toward online poker company executives, but the fact that our government shut down the company websites. The actions of the government are something you would expect in communist China, an overbearing, corrupt political structure that has over-reached in the way they are “protecting us”. The Internet should be as free as the ideals demonstrated in the First Amendment of the Constitution, but by picking and choosing websites to shutdown the government is basically telling people what they can and cannot view.  This is a very slippery slope .

Although my expertise may be mostly in the realm of surveillance and GPS tracking device technology, I see everything that the government has done as waste of taxpayer money. The government should be letting these businesses operate in the United States so they can tax the revenue and keep jobs on U.S. soil. There is simply too much hypocrisy when it comes to gambling, and more specifically online poker gaming. If the feds can allow gaming in Las Vegas, Indian Casinos, River Boats and who knows what other weird exceptions, they should allow online poker and tax the heck out of it.

My last question to you is, “Do you feel safer now that the feds have shut down the top three poker sites?”

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