Oregon School Security Measures


Oregon Schools Look To Boost Security

After the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school, districts all across the nation have been evaluating their security protocols in order to enhance student safety as much as possible. Coeur d’Alene schools located in Oregon understood first hand that more could be done to elevate security and that is why they made the decision to call upon a wide variety of security devices to boost safety.

One of the first security measures Coeur d’Alene schools implemented was a controlled entry system. What this entry system provides is an avenue for front office personnel to both hear and see visitors before they are allowed to enter school grounds. The entry system uses sophisticated video monitoring technology that not only gives office personnel a way to communicate with visitors but it also provides a detailed recorded history of anyone who comes to that school.

Additional layers of security Coeur d’Alene schools have implemented have been the use of video camera devices sprawled across each campus to record activity, as well as GPS tracking system units that will monitor the driving activity of each school bus responsible for transporting students to and from school campuses. All of these additional layers of security certainly provide depth in terms of student safety, but as soon as the topic reaches the dicey topic of arming teachers with handguns is when some people are saying enough is enough.

Arming Oregon Teachers With Guns

One of the most controversial issues in regards to school security across the nation and as well at Coeur d’Alene schools is the issue of arming teachers. The proponents who back the move to arm teachers with handguns include the National Rifle Association (NRA) because they believe the only way to stop an armed intruder is by fighting fire with fire. Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes police to arrive on the scene or a campus officer to respond to an armed intruder might be too much time to prevent disaster. However, with teachers trained and armed for such a situation, the response could occur much more swiftly, and that is something critical when it comes to saving lives.

Naturally, there is heavy opposition to any plan that would enable teachers to carry firearms. The strongest voices exclaim that schools should not be designed in the same way that prisons or fortresses are, but rather as positive learning institutions. Although most agree that having an on-site police officer is a positive thing, arming each teacher could create unforeseen situations. Situations such as if a student takes the firearm away from the teacher or the teacher themselves use the firearm maliciously.

Is the use of entry system technology, video monitoring equipment and GPS vehicle tracking systems in schools enough security measures needed or do you believe that teachers should be provided with firearms?