Patriot Act Renewed


Democrats Extend Controversial Patriot Act

Surveillance Of Private Citizens To Continue

Bush_ObamaThe Patriot Act, one of the more controversial and highly debated acts ever passed in the United States, was extended by the democratic congressional leadership earlier this week. The vote to extend the Patriot Act for an additional year passed with a 315-97 vote.

The year extension will give the government additional powers and authority for domestic monitoring and spying, allowing the feds to access personal credit information, health history, email accounts, cellular GPS tracking data and the ability to conduct warrant-less wire-tapping.

The Patriot Act was created and passed through the Bush administration after the terrorist events that occurred on 9/11 to uncover sleeper cells of domestic terrorists.

The democrats in congress strongly opposed the Act, calling it a Bush policy that infringed on the privacy of American citizens. However, by extending the Act they have contradicted many of their previous statements.

Tracking System Opinion

Do you believe the Patriot Act protects us from domestic terror or simply invades the privacy of the American people?

What are your thoughts on the government accessing your emails, data from the tracking system in your phone and other personal information?

Source: Counter Currents