GPS Tracking Children

Phone GPS Tracking: Don’t Count On Them


Cell Phone GPS Is Wrong

Every parent’s worst nightmare is a situation where their child becomes missing. Frantically, a parent must wonder whether their child is at a friend’s house, playing hide-and-seek, or the worst imaginable scenario where a person may have kidnapped their child. Sadly, that is what the family of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten is struggling with right now.

When Elizabeth’s family realized she was missing, they remembered that she had a cell phone on her and tried to use the GPS tracking system features on the phone to find out where she was. Almost all phones now have GPS tracking capabilities, however, if the phone is in an area where no coverage is present, or the phone is simply powered off, then the GPS tracking system features are useless. Unfortunately, Elizabeth’s family had to learn about the flaws of GPS phone tracking system applications in a painful way.

Authorities believe no foul play was involved in the disappearance on Elizabeth, and because so no Amber Alert was triggered. The Amber Alert system exercises multiple law enforcement, broadcasting, wireless, and transportation agencies to notify the public of child abduction. Highway patrol officials set-up a roadblock, and over 50 search volunteers spent hours looking for Elizabeth near her last spotted location.

GPS Trackers Are Better Than Cell Phones

Every story about a missing child is heartbreaking and painful. Policymakers need to have the strictest penalties and punishments placed upon those who try to cause harm to innocent children. However, all parents need to take every precaution to ensure they are helping keep their child safe. GPS phone tracking applications are helpful, but parents should never place total reliability on the tracking system technology of cell phones because so many flaws may surface.

One alternative many parents have been investing in is child locating devices that use GPS tracking system technology. The child locating GPS trackers are much more reliable than their cell phone tracking system counterparts and are designed precisely for situations where a child becomes separated from their parent.

Although there are some technological tracking system tools available on the market that may increase the recovery time of a lost child, by no means is any system full-proof. Parents should always:

  • Know where their child is going
  • How long the child will be at each location
  • Make the child call before they leave
  • Investigate areas where a child likes to play
  • Investigate neighbors to make sure no sex offenders are present

The more information a parent has the better off they are. Real time GPS trackers can help give a parent peace-of-mind, but good parenting starts before the purchase of a GPS tracking system.

Anyone with information on the disappearance of Elizabeth Olten should contact the St. Martin Sheriff’s Office.

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