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New Law Aims To Ban Use Of Plastic Bags

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plastic_bag_dangersFor years we have heard about the environmental damage that is caused from the over-usage of plastic bags, and that is exactly what we Americans are doing, over-using. According to the statistics, over one trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year with nearly 100 billion coming from the United States. Anyone who has ever entered a grocery store to purchase anything has seen that retail outlets have zero concern about giving away plastic bags. This is because plastic bags are extremely cheap to produce. With plastic bags costing less than a fraction of a cent and being easily accessible, they can appear very advantageous to companies. Although nearly every retail store and grocery outlet believes that using plastic bags is a way to help customers, more and more people are wanting to see an end to the use of plastic bags because of the negative impact they have on the environment.

Plastic Bags: Why They Suck

Anyone who has traveled abroad to Asia is likely familiar with the term “white pollution”. The term refers to the incredible eye soar that is hundreds of billions of plastic bags that cover city streets in China and other countries. In fact, before South Africa banned the use of plastic bags, the flimsy pollutants were dubbed the countries’ national flower because they were so prevalent.

Plastic bags have a dramatic negative effect on marine life, as they are reported to be the cause of death of over one million animals every single year. These animals that include birds, dolphins and turtles, often find themselves entangled in the plastic material, or ingest the plastic pollutants, choking to death. According to biological research studies, plastic bags were found in the digestive lining of approximately 400 different species of animal. Many animals ingest these plastic cancers because they often resemble jellyfish floating in the sea water. Marine animals then munch on the bags, looking for a way to crave their hunger only to end up dying from the toxic plastic bags.

What Are People Doing To Stop Plastic Pollution?

Looking to reduce the environmental damage from the use of plastic bags, many cities and countries across the globe are creating legislation to stop the use of plastic bags. South Africa, Ireland, Mexico City and now California have all taken steps to eliminate the use of plastic bags. The legislation varies depending on each place, with penalties being as light as a small fine and as stiff as a ten year prison sentence.

The California law is the first American legislation that really tackles the problem head on.

GPS Tracking System Opinion

GPS tracking system companies rarely have any, if at all, dealings with the use and over use of plastic bags. However, the problem is something that affects every single one of us, and therefore it is all of our concern.

Should a federal law ban the use of disposable plastic bags that are non-recyclable?

Should plastic bag manufacturers be fined if their product is found to be polluting the environment the same way oil companies are held responsible for the impact of oil on the environment?