Law Enforcement

PNC Bank Robbery Suspect Captured

GPS Tracking Device Leads To Quick Arrest

Philadelphia Police GPS Track Bank Robber

Police agencies are no strangers to the advantages that GPS tracking systems and monitoring tools can provide in the battle on crime, and after a bank robbery occurred in a PNC Bank in Philadelphia that notion was reinforced again.

After a man walked into a local Philadelphia PNC Bank branch, he spoke with a bank teller and then handed the bank employee a note that said he wanted her to hand over a bag of cash. Not wanting to escalate the situation, the bank teller placed a bunch of cash into a bag and handed the money to the bank robber. However, the quick-thinking bank teller also placed a real time GPS tracking system in the bag, allowing police to follow the cash in real-time.

After the bank robber walked out of the bank and fled the scene in a taxi cab, the police officers arriving at the scene of the crime were informed of the live GPS tracker that was placed in the bait money. Once the law enforcement team accessed the GPS tracking data they were able to quickly find and arrest the man.

The police arrested the bank robber in Center City around noon without any protest or incident, according to a statement released by the police.

GPS trackers for police applications continue to be used to help assist in catching criminals.

Source: CBS News