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Police Cruisers Get GPS Tracking Upgrade

Tracking Systems Help Law Enforcement In Midland

Police Cruiser GPS Technology

Police in Midland, Texas will soon be receiving a vast improvement to the department’s fleet of cruisers that will include surveillance dual dash cameras and GPS tracking systems. The digital upgrade to the law enforcement patrol cars is predicted to be multi-functional, increasing fleet management operations, reducing report writing time and allowing dispatchers to pinpoint where a cruiser is at in the field via a tracking system field called “Automatic Vehicle Locator”.

J.R. Smith, the Deputy Chief of Police of Midland, explained that one of the most advantageous parts of the digital upgrade is that reports that once took days to be uploaded to the system can now be done immediately from the officer’s squad car, making the information accessible instantaneously.

The dashboard cameras that will be installed to each cruiser will allow the District Attorney and other supervisors to have instant access recorded information without having to burn a DVD. The surveillance footage will allow appropriate supervisors to view the information from a personal desktop computer.

The real-time GPS tracking system information will also be accessible and viewable remotely from a desktop computer. The GPS tracking information will help improve arrival times as dispatchers will have the ability to see which squad car is closest to the scene of a crime and then guide them to.

This week 120 police cruisers will be installed with laptops equipped with GPS tracking technology. The police department is excited about the new enhancements to the Midland police force that will improve the safety of the cities’ residence and efficiency of the police force.

Source: Midland News