Police Get new Surveillance Tools


Mobile Cameras Will Help Protect Port

Police Utilize Surveillance At Port Of Los Angeles

Port_of_LAOne of the busiest ports in the entire world, the Port of Los Angeles, will get some extra protection when mobile cameras will be introduced to port police to help record any irregular events that occur at the largest container port in the United States.

The mobile camera software will give security officials protecting the roughly 45 mile zone the ability to capture and transmit live video feed from personal cellular phones.

Currently, Homeland Security and other security/ law enforcement agencies assigned to protect the port area use an assortment of surveillance items to help monitor the shipping area, including GPS tracking systems and other GPS vehicle tracking devices used to locate marine and land vessels.

The new surveillance gear is part of a $4 million dollar plan to help police and security personnel manage and document critical incidents that occur at the bustling port, which opened in 1907.

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