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Police Investigated In Burbank


Burbank Police GPS Tracking

City Looks Into Misconduct Allegations Within Department

A former police chief and now private investigator, James Gardiner, will submit his final report to the city of Burbank after an extensive investigation into numerous allegations of police misconduct. The city, which hired the private investigator to uncover any potential injustices being committed by the police department, felt it was necessary to take a serious and in-depth look at allegations of excessive violence against some current and former police officers. The city, which is taking the report very seriously, believes some form of disciplinary action will result from the findings after Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse reviews the documentation.

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Gardiner compiled his findings after reviewing court-related documents, speaking with police officers and other witnesses, and monitoring surveillance information gathered via vehicle tracking and GPS tracking technology.

LaChasse believes the best way to move forward from the allegations and situation is to bring in new blood, and hire new officers and management outside of the department. Only time will tell how the city of Burbank and the police force deal with the internal investigation report.

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