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Bringing the bad guys to justice is the primary goal of all police departments across the globe. While creating and maintaining a safe and secure society seems like an impossible chore, everyday good men and women put on their police uniforms and badges to make a positive difference in their community in an effort to attain the vision of a society where all the bad guys are behind bars. Unfortunately, we also live in a society that is driven by bureaucrats and finances, meaning if police departments and government agencies do not get the proper and appropriate funding they will struggle to effectively complete their duties as protectors of the law. This is one of the negative consequences many places across the United States are seeing due to the struggling economic conditions, increase in government debt and overall deterioration of the health of the global economy. Although budget cuts and reduction in public funds is now becoming prevalent in many areas, police investigators are still able to chase down bad guys with precision and detail thanks in large part to the help of a surveillance tool known as the GPS tracker with no monthly fee!

The GPS System Of Choice Among Many Police Departments

When it comes to law enforcement investigative tools, police forces cannot afford to have something that is not reliable, accurate and easy-to-use. The tool must meet professional-grade standards, and of course, it does not hurt if the tool is cost-effective enough to meet the dwindling budgets of many police departments. Using security products is nothing new to the men in blue, but as more and more budgets are being sliced down to near nothing in an effort by states, counties, and cities to balance budgets, the good guys are turning toward the use of GPS vehicle tracking solutions with more frequency. Currently, there are numerous different forms of GPS systems on the market, ranging from real-time tracking to passive tracking. Although these different tracking devices range in cost, reliability and overall effectiveness, the GPS system of choice among many police departments has been a compact tracker known as the PlayBack GPS.

The reason why so many police agencies and private investigators call upon the PlayBack GPS tracker is that the GPS unit has all the attributes and qualities needed to get the job done! These characteristics include:

  1. Motion Sensor That Retains Battery-Life
  2. Continuous GPS Tracking Data That Is Recorded Every Second
  3. Hard Plastic Housing That Offers Water-Resistance
  4. No Need For Internet Or Cellular Service To Record Tracking GPS Data
  5. Attached Magnet That Allows For Easy Placement On The Vehicle Of A Suspect
  6. Affordable Price For GPS System & No Service Fees

“When most people probably think of GPS systems they think of fleet tracking managers using the devices to observe driving behaviors of employees”, explained a personal GPS tracking expert for Tracking System Direct. “Although they would be correct in the fact that GPS vehicle management systems are frequently used by companies to increase employee performance, GPS systems are heavily used by police agencies to monitor drug traffickers, burglars and other criminals involved in activities that break the law. GPS has revolutionized the way police agencies investigate suspected criminals because it completely eliminates the need for a uniformed officer to conduct stakeouts, which Hollywood has made so popular. By keeping police personnel out of the line of danger, while also having a tool that tracks data with clarity and no bias, we can all rest assure that GPS is a very good thing.”

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