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Private Investigator For Child Custody

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Hiring A Private Investigator For Child Custody

How A Private Detective Can Help With Your Child Custody Case

There is nothing more important than your child’s safety. This is why if you are involved in divorce proceedings or in temporary separation from a partner it is important to make sound decisions regarding your child’s care. Especially, if there are potential legal issues with physical custody or you suspect abuse or neglect. If hiring a custody investigator for gathering evidence is something you are considering, here are answers to many of the frequently asked questions to help you understand how a PI can help you with your child custody situation!

4 Things Private Investigators Look For In A Child Custody Case

  1. Criminal Background Check: A PI can conduct a simple background check into your partner to help you obtain evidence of past drug use, neglect, or run-ins with law enforcement.
  2. Home Surveillance: Through the use of security systems and other tools, PS can discover if a parent is using alcohol or other drugs that can and will impair their ability to parent effectively.
  3. Firsthand Witness Statements: PIs can interview witnesses and others to obtain evidence to help you discredit false accusations or confirm the potential criminal activity of anyone involved in custody means.
  4. Where A Parent Is Going: Infidelity investigations commonly involve the use of hidden GPS trackers to bust a cheating spouse, but the same vehicle tracking technology can be used to determine if a parent is taking their child to unsafe places or any location that the court could view as “irresponsible”.

What do private investigators look for in a child custody case? Naturally, a PI will start with some of the basics such as a simple background check to observe for a criminal record or any criminal defense history. They can also assist with home surveillance, gathering witness statements, and other powerful information that can help when it comes to child custody and visitation rights.

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Can a PI Interview A Kid?

One of the most common questions in criminal defense investigations or child custody disputes is whether or not a private investigator can interview a child? Here are the facts! A private investigator can not interview a child without a parent’s consent. However, there is one exception and that is if a parent is served with a court-ordered subpoena where the adult would be required by the law to bring the child to court for an interview, deposition, or testimony.

Cost Of Private Detective For Child Custody Disputes

Child custody investigations typically cost between $100-$150 per hour with the average child custody private investigators charging $110 per hour of work. PIs can help in all types of child custody situations to help you gain sole custody of your child or some peace of mind that they are safe if you have joint physical custody.