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Private Investigator For Missing Person

How Do Private Investigators Find Missing Persons?

Every year, around 600,000 people go missing in the United States, but the majority of them are eventually found. This is According to statistics from the National Missing & Unidentified Persons System (NamUS). However, not all of them are found alive. Most of these missing individuals are children and juveniles, and law enforcement agencies face limitations when it comes to acting quickly in such cases. Time is a critical factor in ensuring a safe recovery, which is why hiring a missing persons investigator is the best course of action if you’re concerned about a friend, family member, or loved one. In this article, we will explore the resources available through investigators and provide you with valuable insights for a successful missing person search!

Top 5 Ways Private Detectives Locate A Missing Person

  1. Surveillance-Local private investigators can observe a crime scene, check places a missing person might frequent, and observe a potential suspect’s movement by secretly tracking their vehicle.
  2. Hospital & Mortuary Search-Sadly, many missing children and loved ones are injured or killed. PIs are familiar with local areas with these environments and when people go missing they should be some of the first places to check.
  3. Law Enforcement Networking-Many private detectives have law enforcement backgrounds and therefore have close law enforcement connections. When it comes to a missing persons’ disappearance, having quality networks of insiders and those involved with local crime scene investigations can be a true asset.
  4. Investigative Tools & Techniques-A legal investigator has a number of tools and techniques that include the ability to question witnesses about a lost relative or utilize computer forensic technologies to do a deep dive into online dating profiles, social media accounts, and email addresses.
  5. Background Checks-Having quick and easy access to search public records and other online databases gives a PI critical information that can help them potentially locate a missing child, juvenile, or adult.

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Types Of Missing Person Private Investigator Will Find

When it comes to finding a missing person, timing is crucial for a successful outcome. Waiting for the police to begin the search may not be the most effective approach, especially in busy cities like Los Angeles or New York City. That’s where you can benefit from hiring a private investigator. With their immediate response and dedicated resources, they can start the search right away, focusing solely on finding your loved one. Private investigation agencies specialize in locating various types of missing persons, including lost loved ones, runaway teenagers, kidnapped juveniles, fugitives or criminals, and cases where the police investigation has been closed but the person remains missing. Take action swiftly and enlist the expertise of a private investigator to maximize the chances of finding your missing person. Here are the types of missing persons a private investigation agency can help you locate:

  • Missing loved ones or family loved ones who may have gotten lost.
  • Disgruntled teens have run away from home.
  • Juveniles that may have been kidnapped.
  • Fugitives or criminals who may have fled with your personal valuables or assets (business investigations)
  • Any missing persons that are still unaccounted for but whose cases are essentially closed by police.

Missing Persons Statistics

When it comes to missing persons, the numbers can be quite staggering. In 2019, California had the highest total number of missing person reports, reaching approximately 2,135 individuals, according to online resource Vivint. However, in terms of missing persons reports per capita, it was the state of Alaska that had the highest rate, with 42 missing people reported for every 100,000 residents. These statistics highlight the significant impact of missing persons cases across the country.

In that same year, according to Statista, a total of 609,275 individuals were reported missing in the United States. This number represents the magnitude of the issue and emphasizes the importance of taking immediate action when a person goes missing. The urgency to locate and reunite these individuals with their families and loved ones cannot be overstated.

These statistics serve as a reminder that every missing person case is unique and requires a tailored approach. It reinforces the need for efficient and comprehensive strategies, such as engaging the services of missing persons investigators, to maximize the chances of a successful outcome.

How Much Does It Cost For A Private Investigator To Find Someone?

The more affordable PIs typically charge $25 per hour for a minimum of 40 hours of investigative work or roughly $1,000. However, if you want a quality private investigator that specializes in finding missing people you can expect to invest $150 per hour with a minimum of 40 hours of investigative work or roughly $6,000.

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