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Private investigators are typically employed as detectives or undercover agents to gather and collect information that is vital to their clients. Being a private investigator can be arduous and tiresome as long hours of surveillance work, research, and accumulating critical information can be exhausting. GPS tracking technology turns that exhausting work into easy work, as observing covert driving activity can be done with simplicity and without the private detective ever having to leave the comfort of home. All a private investigator needs to do is place a GPS car tracking device inside or underneath the vehicle of the person they are investigating, and then review the data of everywhere that individual has been. Private investigators can access vehicle driving activity data in one of two different ways:

  • Removing the GPS vehicle tracker from the vehicle and downloading the driving history to a computer (Passive GPS tracking).
  • Watch the vehicle as it travels live in real-time over a computer (Active GPS tracking).

Private Investigator GPS Tracker For Car

Private investigators across the world have been successfully using GPS tracking systems to assist in investigative work related to locating a missing person, acquiring confidential information, observation and surveillance, and domestic/marital situations. With GPS vehicle tracking technology, private investigators no longer have to sit in a car for countless hours to document how long a suspect was in a specific location, or follow and “tail” a suspect as they drive to random locations throughout a town. Compiling accurate, credible, and relevant data has never been easier!

Private investigator using GPS

Anyone who has ever wondered, “How much is a private investigator” should know that a highly-skilled private detective can charge upwards of $200 an hour. However, the average investment for a private investigator tends to be around $3000 per job. Now there are a lot of good reasons hire private investigator, but so much of the information gathered by a private detective can be uncovered through the use of a GPS tracking device.

Are private investigators worth it?

There are a number of different reasons why people hire a private detective, but one of the most common reasons is to find out if a spouse or partner is cheating. If catching a cheater is the reason for investing in a private investigator then the answer is no. This is because the same type of surveillance equipment called upon by private investigators can now be used by everyone. How do private investigators do surveillance? Private detectives utilize real time GPS trackers to monitor everywhere a person goes, including the addresses they were at and the length of time they were at each location. The best car GPS tracking technology can now be purchased by anyone for as little as $89.

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Acquiring valuable driving information and evidence needed for a child custody case, divorce, or to confirm the infidelities of a spouse can be quickly and accurately done with the assistance of a GPS tracking system. Private investigative work has become safer and easier thanks to the help of GPS tracking devices!

Private Investigator GPS Tracker With No Monthly Fee

Driving Activity Reporter

Vehicle tracking devices are nothing new to private investigators who make a living utilizing the most efficient and sophisticated surveillance and monitoring technology. These men of mystery know all too well the benefits and advantages tracking system technology can provide private investigation work, and that is why they are consistently searching for the best devices available. With so many vehicle tracking options available to private investigators it can be difficult at times to distinguish which GPS trackers are the best. However, according to the California Association of Licensed Investigators, the most popular GPS tracker without subscriptions used for surveillance is a device called the Driving Activity Reporter.

The reason private investigators prefer the Driving Activity Reporter over other GPS tracking options is because of the following features of the GPS data logger:

  1. Requires no monthly service fees.
  2. It has a compact and water-resistant frame.
  3. Can stay functional in the field for up to 100 hours of wheels-in-motion drive time.
  4. Has a magnetic mount for outside placement option.


Private investigators are hired many times to conduct surveillance operations over domestic issues such as potential infidelity among spouses or lovers. The private investigator will follow the mark to validate whether the individual is really working late or is up to no good. This is what makes the Driving Activity Reporter so unique is because it completely takes the leg work out of surveillance. All a private investigator needs to do is attach the Driving Activity Reporter to the vehicle they desire to monitor and then remove and review the GPS tracking data at a later time. By recording logistical and detailed travel information such as addresses of stops, the GPS data logger can make domestic surveillance operations easy.

Having the ability to record for long durations of time while being cost-effective and compact, it is clear why the Driving Activity Report is the tracking system solution among private investigators everywhere.

Private Investigator GPS Tracker

Private investigators are used to doing the dirty work in order to get their clients the information they desire. Surveillance operations and long nights are the norms for these mysterious men who are highly trained in law enforcement tactics and investigative work. Private investigators are called on from the business to the consumer sector to gather and analyze information relating to anything from civil liability cases to divorce cases. The information they acquire is gathered from emails, documents, evidence, driving history, and more. Although their covert operations can be long and time-consuming, accessing the driving history of someone they are monitoring has gotten a whole lot easier with the help of private investigator GPS tracking devices.

GPS vehicle tracking technology is now ubiquitous and manageable, making it a preferred tool among private investigators. For example, not even 10 years ago a private investigator monitoring a possible cheating spouse would have to physically follow and document the travels of the potentially wayward spouse. Collecting evidence and driving information could take weeks if not months, taking up a great deal of a private investigator’s precious time. Then along came GPS car tracking technology, and everything got a lot easier for private detectives. Instead of spending hours upon hours following an individual, a private investigator needed only to equip a vehicle with a real-time GPS tracker and follow the tracking system data online. The private investigator could even set the GPS tracker to send him alerts if the vehicle leaves a house or enters a specific area. Therefore, he did not need to sit in a car parked down the street and wait for activity, he could simply plant the vehicle tracking device on the car and when it began to move simply monitor the data from a mobile phone. This saved the private investigators time and made the data collection process a whole lot easier.

GPs tracking technology has given private investigators a tool necessary to carry out extensive and accurate research and surveillance operations in an efficient and reliable method. Whether the investigator works in the legal, forensic, corporate, financial, or private field, having a GPS vehicle tracker in the bag of surveillance equipment can make the difference between a long and a short day in the field!

Hiring A Private Investigator To Catch Cheating Spouse

Every private investigator knows that the busiest day of the year is Valentine’s Day. The reason why this romantic holiday creates so much business for private investigators is that it is the time of the year when cheaters come out to play. Although cheaters are usually very covert in the way they hide and cover up their cheating ways, Valentine’s Day is the one holiday where their guard is often left down. This allows private investigators the ability to document in detail unfaithfulness through a variety of surveillance methods, and the security product that is leading the way is the GPS tracker.

There is nothing more devastating to discover than finding out your significant other has been unfaithful, but that is one of the many different reasons why people hire private investigators. Private investigators are often hired by men and women suspecting that a partner could be cheating. This is usually when they decide the best course of action is to have a professional monitor the movements of the potential cheating spouse. Through the use of a simple real-time GPS tracker, a private investigator is able to document everywhere a target is going and everywhere they have been. The private investigator can then call the man or woman who hired them and provide the new information gathered from the GPS vehicle tracking device.

For those without the financial security to invest in a costly private investigator, here are the best spouse GPS tracking devices that can assist anyone involved in a relationship to find out if their significant other is cheating. The new technological tools and gadgets available to consumers have helped numerous people identify if they are in a loving, secure relationship or one of mistrust and cheating.

Keystroke logger devices are additional consumer tools that provide people suspecting infidelity to see what their partner is doing online on websites such as Facebook, or other social networking/adult websites.